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Module GLU33924: Geological Field Skills 1

  Module GLU33924

Dr Chris Nicholas

Course Type: Mandatory

In-course assessment 100%

ECTS: 10 credits
Prerequisites: JS Geology students only

Contact hours & timing:

Michaelmas Term
11 Days

Module Learning Aims

To introduce and practice the range of basic geological field skills needed by a geologist today, demonstrate some of the more interesting aspects of Arran's geological history and Scotland as a whole, and to give students experience of problem-solving with others and presenting their own ideas.

Module Content

The Isle of Arran in SW Scotland is often called 'Scotland in miniature' as it has an amazing variety of different rocks squeezed into a relatively small geographical area. Consequently, it is a perfect place to get to grips with geology in the field and to think about rocks on a large scale out of the classroom.  This field course will spend time looking at sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic rocks, and after introducing some of the key basic field techniques needed to extract the most information from rocks in situ, and how to interpret the data, students will then undertake various problem-solving exercises as well as having the chance to try geological mapping on variety of scales.

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this module students should be able to:

  • Locate themselves accurately in the field using a compass,
  • Confidently use various items of geological equipment to gather and record data from rocks in situ, such as hand lens, hammer, compass-clinometer, and field note book,
  • Make an interpretation of the geological origin and formation of any given rock exposure based on their own observational and measured field evidence,
  • Confidently undertake basic geological mapping in the field using both topographic base maps and transparent overlay on satellite imagery,
  • Synthesise data gathered from a series of rock exposures around an area to piece together its geological evolution and history.

Field trip

An additional cost will be charged for attending the field trip. Please contact the module co-ordinator for further information.