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Module GLU33935: Stratigraphy and the Geology of Ireland

  Module GLU33935
Co-ordinator: Dr Patrick Wyse Jackson
Course Type:  
Assessment: Theory Examination: 60%; Continual Assessment: 40%
ECTS: 5 Credits


Contact hours & timing:

Hilary Term
Lectures/Practicals Weeks 22-27, Seven lecture hours per week

This module introduces the concept of stratigraphy detailing its various disciplines, and the regulations underpinning the modern stratigraphic framework.  It will outline techniques in biostratigraphic recording and analysis of biological data from fossils in the field, their taxonomic description, and their biostratigraphic and palaeoecological use.  The Geology of Ireland lectures focus on integrating the diverse geological processes that have acted during its geological evolution from the Precambrian to present.

Module Learning Aims

The aims are to provide (1) an understanding of stratigraphic and biostratigraphic theory and concepts; (2) a synopsis of methodologies in taxonomy; (3) guidelines on how to gather biological data from fossils in the field; (4) an understanding of the geological history of Ireland; (5) an understanding of the geological processes that have acted on Ireland during its geological history.

Module Content

This module will focus on two areas: in the first lectures and practical sessions will outline the concepts of stratigraphy, then concentrate on the practice of collecting fossils, recording data and determining their biostratigraphic value and taxonomic status, and then evaluating the information available from fossils and from fossil assemblages to use for reconstruction of past environments. The second area will examine the dynamic geological history of Ireland and the various processes that have taken place over time, through a series of lectures and four one-day excursions in the Dublin district.

Module Personnel

Staff of the Geology Department

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this module students should be able to:

  • understand and discuss the basic principles of stratigraphy, biostratigraphy and taxonomic procedures
  • select appropriate statistical and qualitative techniques when investigating fossils in the field and in the laboratory
  • utilize fossils to determine the stratigraphic position of the units from where they were collected
  • identify and describe modern ecological parameters that act on the biosphere and apply this information to the fossil record
  • understand the geological history of Ireland, and the various processes that have been most influential on moulding its geological framework.

Recommended Reading List

To be advised at commencement of module