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Dr. Nathan Cogné – Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Nathan Cogne



Tel: +353 1896 1440

Office: 192 Pearse St.



My PhD project aimed to quantify the different phases of post rift reactivation in SE Brazil using low temperature thermochronometry (Fission Track and (U-Th)/He on apatite) in order to reconcile these phases with the structural history of the region and to identify the causes of post rift reactivation in accordance with both the offshore and onshore data. I am currently working on the evolution of the Irish margin, using apatite fission-track and U-Th/He. More broadly I am interested by the evolution of passive margins, from rifting to the post rift development.I am now also involved in provenance studies in the foreland basins of Western Alps and in the Tethyan sediments of the north Indian margin, to infer the evolution of active mountain ranges. Beside my research work I also undertook some consulting studies for oil companies to infer evolution of basins, and thus potential oil fields, with apatite fission track analyses on wells samples.


Cogné, N., Chew, D. Stuart, F. M. 2014. The thermal history of the western irish onshore. Journal of the Geological Society. In Press. DOI

Cogné, N., Cobbold, P.R., Riccomini, C., Gallagher, K. 2013. Tectonic setting of the Taubaté Basin (Southeastern Brazil): Insights from regional seismic profiles and outcrop data, Journal of South American Earth Sciences, 42, p194-204 . DOI

Précigout, J., Gueydan, F., Garrido, C.J., Cogné, N., Booth-Rea, G. 2013. Deformation and exhumation of the Ronda peridotite (Spain), Tectonics, 32, (4), p1011-1025. DOI

Cogné, N., Gallagher, K., Cobbold, P.R., Riccomini, C., Gautheron, C. 2012. Post-breakup tectonics in southeast Brazil from thermochronological data and combined inverse-forward thermal history modeling, Journal of Geophysical Research B: Solid Earth, 117, (11). DOI

Cogné, N., Gallagher, K., Cobbold, P.R. 2011. Post-rift reactivation of the onshore margin of southeast Brazil: Evidence from apatite (U-Th)/He and fission-track data, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 309, (1-2), p118-130.  DOI

PhD Thesis (2012) Post rift réactivation of the Southeast Brazilian margin. Université de Rennes 1, France. Download

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