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Dr Javier Elío

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Tel: + 353 1 896 1363 
Office: Museum Building, Research Room B


My main research interest is environmental science, since it provides me with the ability to understand environmental problems and how these affect the quality of human life. As a consequence, my research aims to make a genuine contribution to the sustainable development of society and an improved understanding of human-natural environment interactions. My prior experience is in soil pollution, fractured media characterization and geological storage of CO2. For the last years I have been working in surface monitoring of CO2 storage sites as part of my doctoral thesis.

The topic of my post-doctoral project deals with radon monitoring and hazard prediction. It is financed by the Irish Research Council under the Enterprise Partnership Scheme 2015 (#LoveIrishResearch), and co-financed by the Geological Survey of Ireland. This new research project will build upon previous efforts of radon monitoring in Ireland to construct a high-resolution radon hazard map. This map will help to inform when prevention and remediation measures are necessary, reducing the radon exposure of the population.


Peer-review articles:

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Llamas B., Mazadiego L.F., Elío J., Ortega M.F., Grandia F., Rincones M., 2014. Systematic approach for the selection of monitoring technologies in CO2 geological storage projects. Application of multicriteria decision making, Global NEST Journal, 16(1): 36-42, (link).

Elío J., Nisi B., Ortega M.F., Mazadiego L.F, Vaselli O., Grandia F., 2013. CO2 soil flux baseline at the Technological Development Plant for CO2 injection at Hontomín (Burgos, Spain), International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, 18: 224-236,

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Nisi B., Vaselli O., Tassi F., Elío J., Delgado A., Mazadiego L.F., Ortega, M.F., 2013. Hydrogeochemistry of surface and spring waters in the surroundings of the CO2 injection site at Hontomín–Huermeces (Burgos, Spain), International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, 14: 151-168,

Elío J., Ortega M.F., Chacón E., Mazadiego L.F., Grandia F., 2012. Sampling strategies using the “accumulation chamber” for monitoring geological storage of CO2, International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, 9: 303-311,


Book chapters:

Elío J., Ortega M.F., Mazadiego L.F., Nisi B., Vaselli O., García-Martínez M.J., 2016. Monitoring of soil gases in the characterization stage of CO2 storage in saline aquifers and possible effects of CO2 leakages in the groundwater system. Geological Carbon Sequestration. In Vishal V. and Singh T.N. Eds., Springer International Publishing,


Strategies for monitoring CO2 and other gases (e.g. radon) in Natural Analogues, 2013 (link) Technical University of Madrid, Spain. Supervisors: Dr. Luis F. Mazadiego (Technical University of Madrid, Spain) and Dr. Orlando Vaselli (Department of Earth Science, Florence, Italy). (In Spanish)