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First meetings of the MC and SAC

March 2020

On Friday 27th March 2020 the very first ESRL Management Committee (MC) and Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) meetings were held. These committee meetings, which are held biannually, are key to the smooth running and operation of the ESRL. Each committee is made up of carefully selected members, with representatives from the Geological Survey Ireland, Trinity College Dublin, as well as various academics from home and abroad.

The role of the MC is to ensure the proper management of the ESRL and that the laboratory performs to the highest standards. The SAC oversees non-Tellus research activities in the ESRL.

The meetings, which were due to take place earlier, had to be reschedule and held over Zoom due to the College closure and travel restrictions caused by Covid-19. The successful completion of the two committee meetings is yet another example of how work is carrying on at the ESRL despite the ongoing lockdown.

Created by: S. Carty