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Papers on the Geological Museum and its collections:

WYSE JACKSON, P.N. 1989. ‘Museum File 18: Geological Museum, Trinity College, Dublin’, Geology Today 4, 213-214.

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WYSE JACKSON, P.N. & MONAGHAN, N.T. 1994.(PDF 185KB)‘Transfer of the Huxley and Wright (1867) Carboniferous amphibian and fish material to Trinity College, Dublin from the National Museum of Ireland’, Journal of Paleontology 69, 602-603.

WYSE JACKSON, P.N. & MONAGHAN, N.T. 1994.‘Frederick M‘Coy (c. 1823-1899): an eminent Victorian palaeontologist and his synopses of Irish palaeontology of 1844 and 1846’, Geology Today 10, 231-234.

VACCARI, E. & WYSE JACKSON, P.N. 1995.‘The fossil fishes of Bolca and the travels in Italy of the Irish cleric George Graydon in 1791’, Museol. sci. 4(1-2), 57-81.

WYSE JACKSON, P.N. 1996. ‘French volcanic rocks in Dublin’. The Geological Curator 6(6), 237.

WYSE JACKSON, P.N. 1996. Sir Charles Lewis Giesecke (PDF 500KB) (1761-1833) and Greenland: a recently discovered mineral collection in Trinity College, Dublin. Irish Journal of Earth Sciences 15(1996), 161-168.

WYSE JACKSON, P.N. 1998. ‘Hibernian research on Italian volcanic rocks: the Mallet and Guiscardi/Haughton collections in Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland, pp. 675-685. In Morello, N. (ed.) Volcanoes and History. Proceedings of the 20th INHIGEO symposium, Naples - Eolie - Catania, 19-25 September 1995. Brigati, Genoa.

PARKES, M.A. & WYSE JACKSON, P.N. 1998 (PDF 3.9MB).  A survey of the state and status of geological collections in museums and private collections in the Republic of Ireland. The Geological Curator 6(10), 377-388. [DOWNLOAD PDF 4]

WYSE JACKSON, P.N. 1999.(PDF 145KB) Geological museums and their collections: rich sources for historians of geology. Annals of Science 56, 417-431.

WYSE JACKSON, P.N. 2004.(PDF 2.8MB) Thomas Hawkins, Lord Cole, William Sollas and all: casts of Lower Jurassic marine reptiles in the Geological Museum, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland. The Geological Curator 8(1): 11-18.

WYSE JACKSON, P.N. 2006(PDF 2MB) The Honorable George Knox (1765–1827) parliamentarian and mineral collector. The Mineralogical Record 37(6), 543–551.

WYSE JACKSON, P.N. 2007.(PDF 7MB) Catalogue of lavas di Robert Mallet in, editor(s)G. Ferrari , Viaggio nelle aree del terremoto del 16 dicembre 1857, Volume 2, Part 4. Laboratorio Mallet. Fonti e studi su Robert Mallet e sui caratteri geodinamici dell'area lucana., Bologna, SGA Storia Geofisica Ambiente, pp95 – 102.