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Year 3: Junior Sophister Geography


For current information please refer to the Geography Undergraduate Course Handbook (Natural Science and TSM).

Download your Assignment Submission Form cover page.


Rising SS Module Choice Forms for Academic Year 2017-18

Please note - modules may be subject to change prior to start of the academic year.

When completing this form:

  1. Download and print out (colour, where possible).
  2. Complete personal information.
  3. Complete module choices.
  4. Sign.
  5. Date.
  6. Return hard copy to the Geography Office either by hand or in the post. If you are returning as an email attachment, the form must be a scanned copy including date and signature.

Printed copies of this form are also available from outside Professor Coxon's Office in the Museum Building.

If you have any questions about the form please email


Last updated 29 September 2017