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Field Courses

Fieldwork is an essential component of a training in Geography. During the course of the academic year, field excursions in the Dublin region are held for Senior Freshman students.

A residential field course is taken in the Junior Sophister year as part of the compulsory module GG3025 Advanced Research Methods in Geography. Generally the residential field course is based overseas, in order to introduce students to new, unfamiliar and intellectually challenging environments.

Students who wish to be exempted from the field course requirement must first obtain permission from the Head of Department.

Fees for these courses are additional to normal College fees.

Trinity Trust Field Trip Funds - applications for financial assistance

Students who wish to apply for financial assistance with compulsory field trips must meet certain criteria. Only student’s who are in financial hardship can/should apply for assistance. Please note that any household where the income is above €60,087 is not eligible and Student Support will not accept/process any applications without the relevant backup documentation.

The criteria for assessing applications is included below and a .pdf version of the application form can be downloaded here.

Further information is available from the Undergraduate Student Support Officer in the Senior Tutor's Office.

Terms of Reference for students applying for Trinity Trust Fieldtrip assistance 2012/2013

Where the student’s family income is as follows:

Family Income
(Standard & Mature)

Single Income
(Mature & Single ONLY)


Under 23,397

Under 13,316

85% of cost of fieldtrip

23,398 – 26,723

13,317 – 15,500


26,724 – 29,931

15,501 – 17,087


29,932 – 37,407

17,088 – 18,897


37,408 – 46,759

18,898 – 20,767


46,760 – 60,087

20,768 – 24,512


  • The cost of fieldtrip refers to the cost of field course as quoted in advance by the Department concerned
  • All applications must be accompanied by relevant backup documentation

Last updated 28 September 2017