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Dr Laura Devaney

Dr Eoin O'Mahony

Telephone: +353-(0)1 896 1054
Postal Address:
Department of Geography
Museum Building
Trinity College Dublin
Dublin 2

Research Area

Eoin is a social and cultural geographer with an interest in urban change processes. His main research interests include urban dereliction, urban change of the 20th century and the role that religion plays in the re-creation of the European city. He maintains an interest in the use of QGIS, an open source mapping platform. 

Prior to joining Trinity College Dublin, Eoin was a lecturer in St Patrick's College / DCU. There he taught modules on the development of geographic thought, urban historical process and geographic field techniques. 

Eoin was awarded his Ph.D. from Maynooth University, completing the programme on a part-time basis with a full time job in the Irish Bishops' Conference. There he was responsible for the design, implementation and analysis of discrete research projects and the development of research with the commissions and agencies of the Catholic Church in Ireland. He was never a priest. He maintains an active research profile at Researchgate and is working on a project concerned with the use of suburban warehouses as temporary religious spaces. 

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Last updated 2 November 2016