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Dr Laura Devaney

Dr Laura Devaney

Telephone: +353-(0)1 896 3793
Postal Address:
Department of Geography
Museum Building
Trinity College Dublin
Dublin 2

Research Area

Laura’s main research interests focus on environmental and food governance specifically concerning food risk, sustainability, regulatory institutions, policy and communication. 

Engaging stakeholder and consumer participants, Laura utilises primarily qualitative research methods and is proficient in the use of semi-structured interviews, focus groups and content analysis. More recently, she is engaging with participatory backcasting and living laboratory research methodologies through the CONSENSUS research project.


Laura Devaney is a post-doctoral research and teaching assistant in the Department of Geography, Trinity College Dublin. Her PhD thesis, submitted in December 2012, examined food risk governance in Ireland. She received an Irish Research Council Government of Ireland postgraduate scholarship for this work and successfully defended it in May 2013. Previous to this, Laura graduated with first class honours from her undergraduate degree in Natural Sciences (specialising in Geography) in Trinity College in 2009. Throughout her time in Trinity, Laura has also been awarded the Trinity Scholarship (2007), a Gold Medal for academic merit (2009) and the Trinity Postgraduate Studentship Award (2009). Laura joined the CONSENSUS research team ( in January 2013 to explore matters of sustainable consumption, including sustainable food consumption.

Teaching Interests and Responsibilities

Through her teaching assistant role with Prof. Davies, Laura enjoys lecturing on a number of undergraduate and postgraduate modules including:

  • GG1022 Introduction to Geography II: Environmental Geography
  • GG3030 Environmental Governance I
  • GG4026 Environmental Governance II
  • Masters in Environmental Science

Selected Publications and Research Outputs

Devaney, L. (2013) "Spaces of security, surveillance and food safety: interrogating perceptions of the Food Safety Authority of Ireland’s governing technologies, power and performance", The Geographical Journal, 179 (4), p320-330. (

Devaney, L. (under review) “Food risk governance in Ireland: consumer perceptions, trust and dependence”, Irish Geography.

Davies, A., Devaney, L. and Pape, J. (forthcoming) “Sustainable eating: visions, practices and the role of technology” in Davies, A., Fahy, F. and Rau, H. (eds) Challenging Consumption: Pathways to a more sustainable future, London,Routledge (published in 2014).

Devaney, L. (2013) “Food Risk Governance in Ireland - Executive Summary 1: Stakeholder Perspectives”, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland.

Devaney, L. (2013) “Food Risk Governance in Ireland - Executive Summary 2: Citizen Viewpoints”, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland.

Devaney, L. (2013) “Challenging Consumption: Pathways to a More Sustainable Future,
CONSENSUS International Conference May 2012”,[online] Available at:  (also featured in the International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education, Vol 4 Issue 3)

Devaney, L. (2013) “Food Risk Governance in Ireland: regulation, communication and biosecurity”, unpublished thesis, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland.

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