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Welcome to the Environmental Governance Research Group

Professor Anna Davies co-ordinates the Environmental Governance Research Group in the School of Natural Sciences.

Other participants currently include:

The Environmental Governance Group is involved with numerous projects and partners from the social and natural sciences, both in Ireland and across Europe.

Current EGRG Projects

SHARECITY 2016-2020 Sharecity logo

Led by Professor Anna Davies SHARECITY is funded by the European Research Council and uses innovative social science and collaborative research methods to explore the practices and sustainability potential of food sharing within cities. The project runs until 2020 and involves a team of international researchers and a high-level advisory panel of global experts committed to exploring novel pathways for more sustainable futures.

SHARECITY will establish the significance and potential of food sharing economies to transform cities onto more sustainable pathways by developing deeper theoretical understanding of contemporary food sharing, generating comparative international empirical data about food sharing activities within cities, assessing the impact of food sharing activities, and exploring how food sharing in cities might evolve in the future. Conducting such frontier science SHARECITY will open new research horizons to substantively improve understanding of how, why and to what end people share food within cities in the 21st Century.

CONSENSUS: Consumption, Environment and Sustainability (EPA, 2009-2016)Consensus logo

This project is funded by the Environmental Protection Agency of Ireland’s Science, Technology, Research and Innovation for the Environment (STRIVE) Programme. Initially supported for five years 2009-2014, the project received additional funding between 2014-2016 to extend the analysis and to implement, test and evaluate innovative mechanisms for supporting more sustainable domestic consumption identified in the initial study. Professor Anna Davies is the PI of this project.

Phase I of CONSENSUS examined four key areas of household consumption that currently impact negatively on the environment and inhibit our ability, both in Northern Ireland and the Republic, to achieve sustainable development: transport, energy, water and food. A set of 7 integrated work packages addressed four key themes: how consumption can be measured and evaluated; how sustainable behaviours and incentives are being developed and implemented; identifying links between consumption, health and well-being; and finally how matters of household consumption are being governed through institutional practice and participation.

Phase II of CONSENSUS featured three complementary work packages that apply lifestyle segmentation profiling, living laboratory interventions and mobility biography mapping. This research was conducted in partnership with public, private and non-governmental actors to maximise impact and spin-off actions. CONSENSUS has generated a suite of tangible data and recommendations for public, private and civil society actors in Ireland and Europe to support low carbon development that combines efficiency gains with a socially just allocation of resources.

Output from this project can be accessed through the following links:

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Current Postgraduate research



Title of Research

Alex O’Cinneide

Incentives and efficacy: An evaluation of renewable energy policies in Europe 1995-2015

John Joyce

Collective action and transboundary water management

Jane Maher

Gender and Climate Justice: Examining gender mainstreaming in climate change adaptation policy and implementation in Malawi

Hannah Hamilton

Biodiversity: is it good for business? An analysis of stakeholder perceptions of a biodiversity certification scheme in the UK

Monika Rut

SHARECITY: Food sharing in cities

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Last updated 12 May 2016