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Lei Chen
Visiting PhD Candidate


In 2018, I was selected for the direct PhD programme and then become a Doctoral degree student majoring in Harbor, Coastal and Offshore Engineering at Hohai University, Nanjing, China. I am currently a visiting PhD candidate with the Coastal Research Group under Professor Iris Möller at Trinity College Dublin. My interests in tidal flat research emerged during my undergraduate studies. Since then, my research direction has been deepening and expanding across three stages: the first is to study the impact of human activities on tidal flat sediment sorting in the 1-D model, then the impact on tidal channels in the 2-D terrain, and finally add the impact of biological effects such as saltmarshes. At present, my research content is to explore the extension difference of saltmarsh patches and the rhythmic feature of saltmarsh edge.

Publications and Further Research Outputs

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Chen, L., Zhou, Z., Xu, F., Jimenez, M., Tao, J. and Zhang, C., 2020. Simulating the impacts of land reclamation and de-reclamation on the morphodynamics of tidal networks. Anthropocene Coasts, 3(1): 30-42 Research Paper, 2020, DOI

Chen, L., Zhou, Z., Xu, F., Möller, I. and Zhang, C., 2020. Field observation of Saltmarsh-Edge morphology and associated vegetation characteristics in an Open-Coast tidal flat. Journal of Coastal Research, 95(SI): 412-416 Research Paper, 2020, DOI

Chen, L., Zhou, Z., Xu, M., Xu, F., Tao, J. and Zhang, C., 2018. Exploring the influence of land reclamation on sediment grain size distribution on tidal flats: A numerical study. Coastal Engineering Proceedings(36): 85 Research Paper, 2018, DOI

Research Expertise


I am interested in investigating the biomorphodynamics of the coupled mudflat-saltmarsh system through the application of both field observation and numerical simulation methods.


Awards and Honours

BEng in Harbour, Waterway and Coastal Engineering, Hohai University 2018

Current Projects