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Kevin O’Leary
Research Assistant


I am a graduate of Trinity College Dublin and The University of Edinburgh, currently working as a Research Assistant with Professor Iris Möller as part of the Trinity Coastal Research Group. I first developed an interest in natural science during my undergraduate studies in Environmental Science at Trinity College Dublin, and I am particularly interested in the interactions between physical and biological ecosystem characteristics, and how we can employ novel technologies and methods to better understand these interactions. I am also interested in how as scientists we interact with the public, in particular regarding environmental science education. This is an interest I pursued during my master’s study of Science Communication and Public Engagement at The University of Edinburgh.

Publications and Further Research Outputs

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Michael Williams, Michael Suttle, Sophie Saget, Sadbh Sheeran, Muireann Cotter, Kevin O’Leary, Damian Bienkowski, Pietro Iannetta, & David Styles. The Environmental Assessment of Diets. Zenodo Research Paper, 2020, DOI

Research Expertise


I am interested in the interactions between physical and biological ecosystem characteristics, especially in coastal environments. I am also interested in how scientists engage with the public when discussing environmental change.


Awards and Honours

MSc in Science Communication and Public Engagement, The University of Edinburgh 2020

B.A. (Mod) Environmental Science, Trinity College Dublin 2019

Trinity Gold Medal recipient, Trinity College Dublin 2019

Dean of Students Leadership Award for Volunteering, Trinity College Dublin 2018

Current Projects