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Kevin Lougheed

Telephone: +353-(0)1 896 1054 email:
Postal Address: Department of Geography, Museum Building, Trinity College, Dublin 2, Republic of Ireland


Research Area

Kevin’s main research interests are in the field of nineteenth-century historical geography, specifically on the emergence of institutions of the British state in the Irish landscape.

Using traditional historical methodologies, along with modern quantitative methods such as Geographical Information Systems, Kevin provides a unique perspective on the role of space in the emergence of state institutions. This empirical work is also framed within a theoretical framework, which broadens the empirical work on institutions in Ireland, and aids in the understanding on the role of space and the interaction of scale in the changing nature of social relations in the British Empire in the nineteenth-century.

Through his wide ranging teaching experience, Kevin also has interests in the use of geo-statistical techniques in historical research and geo-surveillance in modern society.

PhD research

Title: National Education and the State: An historical geography of the emergence of national education in Pre-Famine Ireland (submitted September, 2013)

This thesis examined the historical geography of national education in pre-Famine Ireland. The thesis identified the emergence of distinct regions of national school establishment. Spatial analysis illustrated that geographic variations in social structure on a national level was important in the emergence of national school regions, with the presence of significant middle social strata playing a key role in the establishment of national schools. Detailed studies on the various national school regions illustrated that the emergence of regions was a result of the spatial variation in the interplay between the context specific network of social relations and the rationale of the state. The empirical and historical analysis was framed within a theoretical framework which utilised several social and state theories, including Michel Foucault’s Governmentality and Bob Jessop’s strategic-relational approach, to aid in the understanding of the geography of national education in the wider context of changing social relations in the British Empire in the nineteenth-century.

As part of the research, Kevin built up an extensive spatial database of national schools established in pre-Famine Ireland.


Previous to his PhD research, Kevin graduated from his undergraduate degree in Natural Science (geography) in Trinity College Dublin in 2008. He received the TCD Haughton Award for Geography in 2007 and was co-editor for Atlas, Journal of the DU Geographical Society in 2007. He spent some as a GIS intern in the National Inventory of Architectural Heritage which is a sub-section of the Department of the Environment, which is taking an inventory of heritage structures Ireland after 1700. Kevin started his PhD in September 2009, and throughout his time as a postgraduate in Trinity he has been awarded with a Trinity Postgraduate Studentship Award (2011) and a commendation for his contribution to undergraduate learning (2013).

Kevin has been involved in the teaching of various modules in Trinity College Dublin and St. Patrick’s College, Drumcondra. His teaching interests extend well beyond his research area, and as a result he has aided in the design, coordination and delivery of a wide range of modules, including:

Trinity College Dublin:

  • GIS: co-coordinated and designed GIS module for 3rd year students, 2009-2012.
  • Research Skills: co-coordinated and designed a seminar series for 2nd year students on research methods, 2009-present.
  • Historical Geography: guest lecturer for a 4th year course on Irish historical geography, 2012-2014. Lectured on 19th century Ireland, the growth of the state, and national education.
  • Urban Geography: designed and delivered tutorials for 1st, 3rd, and 4th year modules on globalisation and urban geography.
  • Other: Assisted the supervision of various undergraduate dissertations and assisted on various fieldtrips from 2010-2013.

St. Patrick’s College, Drumcondra:

  • Geographic Skills: Teaching assistant for 1st year course (statistical applications, cartography, and GIS) 2009-present.
  • Designed and delivered tutorials for a range of geographic courses including: Historical Geography, Humanitarian Action, Global Geopolitics, and Urban Geography.
  • Designed and delivered field trips, including the historical geography of urban settlement in the Boyne Valley, urban development of Dublin, and symbolic representation of identity in Dublin City.

Selected Publications and Research Outputs

Lougheed, K. (2013) ‘National Education and Empire: Ireland and the geography of national education system’ in Dickson, D., Pyz, J., and Shepard, C., (eds.) Irish Classroom and British Empire: Imperial context in the origins of modern education, Four Courts Press: Dublin, pp 5-17.




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