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Name: Jane Feeney

Jane Feeney

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Department of Geography
Museum Building
Trinity College Dublin
Dublin 2

Title of Project

A political ecology of forest and biodiversity offsetting in Colombia.

Project details

Forest and biodiversity offsets aim compensate for the impacts of development, such as infrastructure and energy projects, on forests and biodiversity. They do this through conserving or restoring ecosystems in an attempt to balance environmental losses and gains. This research carries out a political ecology analysis of forest and biodiversity offsetting in Colombia, examining the evolution of offsetting policy at national level and through a case study of the hydroelectric dam Hidrosogamoso and its forest compensation projects. Through interviews, policy and document analysis, the research examines the place of offsets within an environmental conflict, the diverse meanings and values of biodiversity held by stakeholders, and issues of conflict and control over access to natural resources. As a result, it aims to further understanding of the opportunities and challenges offered by forest and biodiversity offsetting in Colombia, and in Latin America generally.  

Name of supervisor

Professor Anna Davies, Professor Yvonne Buckley

Postgraduate personal details

Jane Feeney holds a BA in International Marketing and Languages (Spanish/French) from Dublin City University and an MA in Environment, Development and Policy from the University of Sussex. Before starting her PhD, Jane worked in communications agencies for seven years in London and Barcelona for clients in the public, private, and non-profit sectors and spent one year as a VSO volunteer in India. Her research interests include environmental conflicts, values and ethics.
Project start date: October 2016


Irish Research Council Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarship (GOIPG/2016/510)