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Dr. Margaret Jackson
Assistant Professor, Geography


My research focuses on how changes in climate are reflected in glacial landscapes. The causes of Earth's ice ages and their abrupt terminations are still uncertain, but are key to understanding our climate system and its capacity for (sometimes rapid) change.

Glaciers are highly sensitive to changes in climate. I study the traces that glaciers leave on Earth's surface as they grow and decay, and use these markers to reconstruct the timing and extent of past glacial fluctuations in regions around the globe. My goal is to use glacial-geomorphic records to understand the linkages between climate and glaciation, and to learn more about Earth's climate system in the past, present, and future.

This work involves detailed surface mapping, geochronology (surface-exposure dating, radiocarbon), and synoptic assessment of palaeoclimate and geomorphic records.

My research relies heavily on field work, and includes sites in Ireland, Iceland, Peru, Uganda, Greenland, and in the Antarctic.

Publications and Further Research Outputs

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Modeling glacier extents and equilibrium line altitudes in the Rwenzori Mountains, Uganda, over the last 31,000 yr in, editor(s)Richard B. Waitt, Glenn D. Thackray, Alan R. Gillespie , Untangling the Quaternary Period - A Legacy of Stephen C. Porter , 2021, [Doughty, A.M., Kelly, M.A., Russell, J.M., Jackson, M.S., Anderson, B.M., Chipman, J., Nakileza, B., and Dee, S.G] Book Chapter, 2021

Vickers, A.C., Shakun, J.S., Goehring, B.M., Gorin, A., Kelly, M.A., Jackson, M.S., Doughty, A.M., and Russell, J.M., Similar Holocene glaciation histories in tropical South America and Africa, Geology, (G48059), 2021 Journal Article, 2021

Jackson, M.S., Kelly, M.A., Russell, J.M., Doughty, A.M., Howley, J.A., Cavagnaro, Baber, M.B., D.B., Zimmerman, S.R.H., and Nakileza, B., Glacial fluctuations in tropical Africa during the last glacial termination and implications for tropical climate following the Last Glacial Maximum, Quaternary Science Reviews , 243C, (106455), 2020 Journal Article, 2020

Balter-Kennedy, A., Bromley, G., Balco, G., Thomas, H., and Jackson, M., A 14.5 million-year record of East Antarctic Ice Sheet fluctuations from the central Transantarctic Mountains, constrained with cosmogenic 3He, 10Be, 21Ne, and 26Al, The Cryosphere, 14, 2020, p2647 - 2672 Journal Article, 2020

Jackson, M.S., Kelly, M.A., Russell, J.M., Doughty, A.M., Howley, J.A., Chipman, J.W., Cavagnaro, D.B, Zimmerman, S.R.H., and Nakileza, B., High-latitude warming initiated the onset of the last deglaciation in the tropics, Science Advances, 5, (eaaw2610), 2019 Journal Article, 2019

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Jackson, M.S., Hall, B.L., and Denton, G.H., Asynchronous behavior of the Antarctic Ice Sheet and local glaciers during and since Termination 1, Salmon Valley, Antarctica, Earth and Planetary Science Letters , 482, 2018, p396 - 406 Journal Article, 2018

Bromley, G.R.M., Schaefer, J.M., Hall, B.L., Rademaker, K.M., Putnam, A.E., Todd, C.E., Hegland, M., Winckler, G., Jackson, M.S., and Strand, P.D., A cosmogenic 10Be chronology for the local last glacial maximum and termination in the Cordillera Oriental, southern Peruvian Andes: Implications for the tropical role in global climate., Quaternary Science Reviews, 148, 2016, p54 - 67 Journal Article, 2016

Hall, B.L., Denton, G.H., Heath, S.L., Jackson, M.S., and Koffman, T.N.B., Accumulation and marine forcing of ice dynamics in the western Ross Sea during the last deglaciation, Nature Geoscience, 8, 2015, p625 - 628 Journal Article, 2015

Sak, P.B., McQuarrie, N., Oliver, B.P., Lavdovsky, N., and Jackson, M.S., Unraveling the central Appalachian fold-thrust belt, Pennsylvania: the power of sequentially restored balanced cross sections for a blind fold-thrust belt., Geosphere, 8, 2012, p685 - 702 Journal Article, 2012

Research Expertise


Climate Change; climate change impacts; GEOCHRONOLOGY; GEOGRAPHY; GEOMORPHOLOGY; Glacial Geology; PALAEOCLIMATE; Quaternary geology/ geomorphology; QUATERNARY STRATIGRAPHY