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The Laidlaw Scholarship

Tom Hegarty

The Laidlaw Undergraduate Leadership and Research programme is an 18-month scholarship programme.

Throughout the programme Tom will be undergoing an integrated leadership development programme. This entails a minimum of 7 core leadership training days with a focus on developing valuable transferable skills. The leadership development days range from self-reflection modules, outreach activities and tailored personal coaching. This coming summer Tom will spend 6 weeks on his chosen research topic which will explore the causes of homelessness in Dublin and inquire into what is being done to address these causes. It will then look at the measures in place to support individuals once they become homeless and will note the different groups involved in the provision of these services. Using this research, he hope to compare with international best practice & best assess how this can be applied in the Irish context to tackle such this prominent social issue. Finally, Tom will be facilitated with a “Leadership in Action” opportunity during the summer of 2022 where he will travel abroad to take up a placement with an organisation related to his research topics field or alternatively travel to a key location to further his research to gain a new perspective on the work.