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Dr Alice Jorgensen MA, PhD, (York)Assistant Professor; Head of Sophisters


Research and Teaching Interests

My primary area of teaching and research is Old English literature, both poetry and prose. My current research focuses on emotions in Old English and I have published on shame, especially in the works of Ælfric, and on emotional performance and emotion discourse in various texts, as well as being lead editor of the 2015 Ashgate volume Anglo-Saxon Emotions: Reading the Heart in Old English Language, Literature and Culture. Earlier research concentrated on the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle and on representations of violence.

I teach broadly across Old and Middle English with some enjoyable ventures into more recent periods. I teach introductory modules on Old English for both undergraduates and postgraduates. At sophister (third- and fourth-year) level I offer a range of modules, varying them from year to year, including Beowulf, Women in Medieval Literature, Passions of the Past: Emotions in Old English Literature, and a module on Arthurian literature that reaches from the very earliest sources to selected twentieth-century texts. At Master’s level I am a long-standing contributor to the core courses on the MPhil in Medieval Languages, Literatures and Cultures and to options on Old English and Arthurian Literature and have supervised dissertations on various aspects of Old and Middle English literature and medievalism.

I have held a number of administrative and pastoral posts within College, including being director of the MPhil in Medieval Languages, Literatures and Cultures from 2010-14. I was Director of Undergraduate Teaching and Learning in the School of English from 2017-19. I am currently a College Tutor.

I would be interested in enquiries from research students wishing to work on any aspect of Old English literature, or on Arthurian or emotions history topics in Middle English.

Recent Publications

Edited Volumes

  • England, Ireland and the Insular World: Textual and Material Connections in the Early Middle Ages, ed. Mary Clayton, Alice Jorgensen and Juliet Mullins (ACMRS, in press)

  • Anglo-Saxon Emotions: Reading the Heart in Old English Language, Literature and Culture, ed. Alice Jorgensen, Frances McCormack and Jonathan Wilcox (Farnham: Ashgate, 2015)

  • Reading the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle: Language, Literature, History, ed. Alice Jorgensen, Studies in the Early Middle Ages 23 (Turnhout: Brepols, 2010)

  • The Kemble Lectures on Anglo-Saxon Studies, ed. Alice Jorgensen, Helen Conrad-O’Briain and John Scattergood (Dublin: School of English, Trinity College, Dublin, 2009)

Essays and Articles

  • ‘The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle’, in The Encyclopedia of Medieval Literature in Britain, ed. Siân Echard and Robert Rouse (Wiley-Blackwell, 2017) DOI: 10.1002/9781118396957.wbemlb425

  • ‘Voting with the Heart’, Clio’s Psyche 23.2 (2017), 158-62 [part of a special issue on Brexit]

  • ‘Reading Emotion in The Battle of Brunanburh’, Neophilologus 100 (2016), 663-76, DOI 10.1007/s11061-016-9479-3

  • ‘Learning About Emotion from the Old English Prose Psalms of the Paris Psalter’, in Anglo-Saxon Emotions (2015, see above), pp. 127-41

  • ‘Introduction’, in Anglo-Saxon Emotions (2015, see above), pp. 1-17

  • ‘ “It shames me to say it”: Ælfric and the Concept and Vocabulary of Shame’, Anglo-Saxon England 41 (2013 for 2012), 249-76

  • ‘Historicizing Emotion: The Shame-Rage Spiral in Ælfric’s “Life of St Agatha”’, English Studies 93: 5 (2012), 529-38 (as part of a special issue, Holy and Unholy Appetites in Anglo-Saxon England: A collection of studies in honour of Hugh Magennis, edited by Marilina Cesario and Kathrin Prietzel)

  • ‘Rewriting the Æthelredian Chronicle: Narrative Style and Identity in Anglo-Saxon Chronicle MS F’, in Reading the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle (2010, see above), pp. 113-138

  • ‘Introduction: Reading the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle’, in Reading the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle (2010, see above), pp. 1-28

  • ‘The Trumpet and the Wolf: Noises of Battle in Old English Poetry’, Oral Tradition 24: 2 (May 2010 for October 2009), 319-336 (special issue on ‘Sound Effects’, edited by Neil Rhodes and Chris Jones)

  • ‘Power, Poetry and Violence: The Battle of Maldon’, in Aspects of Power and Authority in the Middle Ages, ed. Brenda Bolton and Christine Meek, International Medieval Research 14 (Turnhout: Brepols, 2007), pp. 235-49

  • [as Alice Cowen] ‘Byrstas & Bysmeras: The Wounds of Sin in the Sermo Lupi ad Anglos’ in Wulfstan, Archbishop of York, ed. M. Townend, Studies in The Early Middle Ages 10 (Turnhout: Brepols, 2004), pp. 397-411


Dr Alice Jorgensen
School of English
Trinity College
University of Dublin
Dublin 2

Telephone: + 353 1 896 2475

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