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Student Experience

Student life in the School of English is vibrant and dynamic. As well as studying English, many of our students are involved in student societies such as the Literary Society, Icarus Magazine, the Attic journal, the Trinity Journal of Literary Translation, the Renegade Rant and Rave as well as the long-established acting society, the Dublin University Players.

Information about student services, student supports, student life and living in Ireland and Dublin can be found on the Why Trinity web page.

What our students say about us

What stands out for me about the Trinity English course is its emphasis on vibrant, contemporary debate. I feel fortunate to have studied in a place where there is an optimistic approach to the future of literature and literary criticism.
Nick Bland (London)   

I had a fantastic time as a student of English at Trinity College, Dublin. Between the wide-ranging curriculum, supportive expert lecturers and the experience gained in writing a dissertation, I felt thoroughly prepared for postgraduate study in English at Oxford.
Fionnuala Barrett (Dublin)

English Studies at Trinity College has been everything I hoped it would be. The combination of seminars, lectures and tutorials creates a dynamic environment and lets you interact with a great mix of people. The staff are always willing to help, whether giving academic advice or just making you feel at home if you've come from far away.
Claudio Sansone (Rome)

Studying English at Trinity was a childhood dream of mine, and the four years I spent there surpassed anything I'd imagined. Unlike anything I'd experienced at the high school or university level in the United States, the English Department at Trinity gave all of its students ample room to explore new areas of literature and constant encouragement and support while we discovered our own interests.
Elizabeth O'Connell-Thompson (New Jersey)

Studying English at Trinity gave me confidence in my academic ability, a lifelong passion for literature and concrete skills that have served me well in my career in advertising and journalism. I have never regretted my decision to go there, and am very proud to be a graduate of the School of English.
Jonathan Drennan (Belfast)

Who wouldn't want to study in the same place as Oliver Goldsmith, Bram Stoker, Oscar Wilde and Samuel Beckett? I spent a wonderful junior year abroad within Trinity's hallowed walls, right in the heart of Dublin, making friends from all over the world. In fact, I enjoyed the experience so much I returned as a postgraduate and completed my Ph.D there too.
Dorothea Depner (Nuremberg)

Unlike many universities, the School of English at Trinity ensures for every student a comprehensive grounding in the full breadth of English literature, but also the liberty to pursue one's own interests with ease and pleasure. Wherever one's passion lies in literature, there will be an equally passionate teacher at Trinity ready to guide you.
Conor Leahy (Cambridge)