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Trinity College Dublin, The University of Dublin

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Tuesday 26th- Friday 29th July 2022

Trinity College Dublin


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For many of us, the past few years have felt like a Gothic narrative thanks to numerous unsettling circumstances and conditions: the still-unfolding COVID-19 epidemic; the increasing frequency of catastrophic weather events; civil unrest and challenges to democracy in the USA and much of rest of the world; escalating income inequality; and a plethora of humanitarian crises. Unsurprisingly, these realities have already begun to influence contemporary literature as well as popular culture and film. However, whilst horror, Gothic, and other modes of cultural production may register the need to reflect upon (and to deal with) challenging present day circumstances, they also arguably provide us with a space of retreat. As Heloise Wood noted in a recent BBC article considering ‘culture in quarantine’, the sharp uptick in book sales during the pandemic has been accompanied by an increasing turn to ‘escapist genre fiction’, including Gothic, paranormal, and YA Gothic fiction.  It seems as though Stephen King’s well-known declaration in his 1981 nonfiction volume Danse Macabre – ‘We make up horrors to help us cope with the real ones’ – is as true, if not more so, today than it was when he first wrote it. 

While it would be easy to become mired in the plethora of challenging and destabilising events around us, IGA 2022 adopts the conference theme ‘Gothic Interruptions’ to encourage an interrogation of the ways in which Gothic and horror can frame such contemporary (and historical) events as moments that are also loaded with possibility. How do these Gothic circumstances, terrifying as they may be, lead to change, looking toward new futures? How might they link to the ludic or cathartic potential of the Gothic as a mode which is itself forever evolving? 

Trinity College Dublin – a campus and a city long associated with legendary writers of Gothic and horror fiction such as Bram Stoker, Oscar Wilde, Charles Maturin, and J.S. Le Fanu –  is delighted to welcome the IGA to Ireland for the organisation’s 16th international conference.  

Keynote Speakers:

  • Prof. Christine Ferguson, University of Stirling.
  • Dr Xavier Aldana Reyes, Manchester Metropolitan University
  • Prof. Jarlath Killeen, Trinity College Dublin

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Covid-19/Conference Mode
At present, we still intend this conference to be an in-person, on-campus event. However, please keep in mind that the Covid-19 situation in Ireland (as elsewhere) is a rapidly evolving one. We will endeavour to update the IGA community about any impact that changes in the Covid-19 outlook may have upon the final format of the conference as soon as possible should such a scenario arise. We also encourage delegates to regularly check in on the evolving level of Covid-19 restrictions in Ireland (particularly those related to international travel) in case the current, restriction-free situation changes in the coming months. 

This conference is in part generously supported by funding from the office of the Dean of Research, the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (FAHSS), and Fáilte Ireland. We would also like to thank Dublin City Council/UNESCO City of Literature for their support.