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Engineering BAI Year 3

Towards the end of the second year of the course, students are asked to choose which Engineering stream that they wish to specialise in during their third and fourth years. It should be noted that no changes or amendments to student choices will be accepted after the deadline date, normally the last day of teaching term, but that plenty of time, guidance and information is given to students to help them make this choice. Whilst every effort is made to allow students to study the engineering stream they choose, the BAI Management Committee reserves the right to allocate the places available - in some streams, the number of places for students in any year may be limited and certain restrictions may need to be applied.

The specialisms to choose from are:

Double Diploma Programme

Following successful completion of the first two years of the course, students may apply to enrol on the double qualification programme, run jointly with the Institut National des Sciences Appliquées (INSA) de Lyon. Applications must comply with the deadlines set by the International Office. A set number of places will be available each year determined by each Engineering stream and applicants will be selected on their academic record and language proficiency.

Successful applicants will be admitted to the third year of the Engineering course with INSA de Lyon, where they will follow a set of courses taken from the third and fourth year curricula in the department of the option they have chosen and which amounts to 60 credits. This is recognised as equivalent to the Junior Sophister year of the Trinity College Dublin engineering degree course. Students then return to Trinity to complete their Senior Sophister year. On successful completion of the BAI programme in Trinity, and following receipt of the BAI degree, they may then proceed to the fifth year of their chosen stream in INSA de Lyon, where the Senior Sophister year of the BAI is counted as equivalent to the fourth year of the INSA programme. On successful completion of the fifth year at INSA, students qualify for the award of the Diplôme de l'INSA de Lyon, which confers full professional accreditation in France.