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Dr Brian Caulfield addresses the Citizens’ Assembly on the future of transport

6 November 2017

Brian Caulfield speaks at the Citizens Assembly
Professor Brian Caulfield speaks at the Citizens' Assembly

The Citizens’ Assembly met on the 4 -5th of November to discuss "How the State Can Make Ireland a Leader in Tackling Climate Change".  Dr Brian Caulfield addressed the assembly on the topic of decarbonising transport.  He told the assembly that the modes of transport that will be taken into the future will be predominantly public transport, walking, and cycling, and where applicable, a low emissions vehicle. He said that there is a lot of change required, and those changes were not going to be easy, and would be expensive.

At the end of the weekend the assembly made a number of reccomendations in the transport field:

  • 93% of members recommended that the number of bus lanes, cycling lanes and park and ride facilities should be greatly increased in the next five years, and much greater priority should be given to these modes over private car use.
  • 96% of members recommended that the State should immediately take many steps to support the transition to electric vehicles.
  • 92% of members recommended that the State should prioritise the expansion of public transport spending over new road infrastructure spending at a ratio of no less than two-to-one to facilitate the broader availability and uptake of public transport options with attention to rural areas.



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