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Study and Intern Abroad Opportunities

The School of Engineering encourages Senior Sophister students to consider spending their entire year or their second semester abroad at one of our partner Universities. We currently have students studying at a range of distinguished universities around the world including the University of California, University of Sydney, Polytechnique du Montreal, UPC Barcelona, KTH in Stockholm and ETH in Zurich, to name a few. This is a unique opportunity to not only enrich your academic education but also to gain invaluable intercultural, language, social and civic skills. Please note that all SS year study abroad options are available only to students doing the 5 year MAI programme (Students study abroad in their 4th year and return to Trinity for their 5th year).

In Semester 1 of SF and JS years, the Engineering Global Officer gives information sessions with an overview of your range of study abroad options. Please see a copy of the presentation below.

Engineering Study Abroad Presentation


There are also more detailed talks on specific options (e.g. non-EU, UNITECH etc), slides from which are included in the relevant sections. Details of information sessions are emailed directly to the relevant students and advertised on notice boards.

Please see the table below for an overview of all of your international study and intern abroad opportunities:

Study Abroad Option

Brief Description

Who’s eligible to apply for these exchanges?

Is Funding Available

Non-EU exchange

Full SS year or second semester of SS year studying in a partner university in Asia, Australia, New Zealand or North America

  • These are college-wide exchanges, so students across the whole university are eligible to apply.
  • Some partner universities have specific restrictions about disciplines which can apply.
  • Must have 2.1 from SF results to apply.
  • Must be on track to getting a 2.1 in JS results.
  • No grants available for most universities.
  • Often a travel bursary is available for students going to Asian universities. (up to €1,000 reimbursable for travel costs)


UNITECH exchange

First SS semester studying in host university, second SS semester doing a 4E4 internship in an international company. It is an engineering exchange, with a business/ management focus.

  • Engineering students only
    Very competitive.
  • Ideally have a minimum 2.1 in SF and JF year.
  • Must be on track to getting a 2.1 in JS results.
  • UNITECH travel grant. (usually €1,000)
  • Erasmus study grant*
  • Erasmus traineeship grant*

Erasmus exchange

Full SS year or second semester of SS year studying at a partner university in Europe (predominantly technical universities in CLUSTER network).

  • Engineering students only.
  • Some agreements are discipline specific.
  • Must be on track to getting a 2.1 in JS results.
  • Erasmus study grant

TASSEP exchange

Full SS year or second semester of SS year on Trans-Atlantic Science Student Exchange Programme (TASSEP) (non-EU). Predominantly a science exchange, so there are limited options for engineers.

  • Students across FEMS (Faculty of Engineering, Maths and Science).
  • Students must be taking at least 50% STEM subjects
  • No grants available

4E4 internship

First semester of SS year in Trinity, second semester of SS year on 4E4 internship at home or abroad e.g. Montreal.
4E4 coordinators from each stream can provide discipline-specific information/ advice.  

  • Students in your stream.
  • Must get a 2.1 in JS results to be eligible to apply.
  • May be paid/ funded depending on internship/stream.
  • European internships eligible for Erasmus traineeship grant*
  • Montreal internships eligible for scholarships.

Independent Summer Internship
(not for credit)

All Students also have the option to organise their own summer internship aboard at any stage during your time here in college.

  • All students, during any of their summer vacations, throughout their time in college.
  • May be paid/ funded, depending on internship
  • European internships eligible for Erasmus traineeship grant*

Please note:

  • Permission to study abroad and to have the results credited towards the Trinity degree is at the discretion of each Department.
  • Students may only go on exchange in their fourth year for a full academic year or for the second semester. The exchange year for Engineering is only recognised as part of a five year programme. You must commit to completing the 5th year at Trinity College Dublin. Failure to complete the final year at TCD will make the student ineligible for a (hons) BAI degree.
  • You will be required to submit records of your marks to date in order to apply for most exchange options. Students are usually ranked on their most recent exam results (SF marks), although UNITECH and Erasmus applications also take into account your JF results, personal statements etc.
  • For non-EU exchanges, you must have achieved a 2.1 in SF to be able to apply. For all other exchanges, ideally we would like you to have a 2.1 in SF, or at least to show why you believe you’re on track to achieving a 2.1 in JS.
  • All study abroad offers (EU and non-EU) are conditional on you achieving a 2.1 in your JS year, so your nomination will only be confirmed after your JS exam results have been published. Students will not be permitted to study abroad unless they have achieved at least a II.1 in their Junior Sophister year.
  • * Erasmus traineeships grants are available for credit-bearing and independent internships (i.e. voluntary internship that doesn’t form part of your course) in Europe (outside of Ireland!). They require you to apply in advance and fill in some paperwork about your learning objectives. More details can be found here: