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Trinity Thapar International Engineering Programme (IEP)

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Programme Overview

Trinity and Thapar University have developed a credit transfer International Engineering Programme (IEP) which enables students admitted to undergraduate engineering programmes at Thapar University (TU) the opportunity to study at Trinity.

This programme focuses on delivering a research-inspired, outcome-based educational experience to students. It has strong technical focus and also an emphasis on developing other skills engineers require, such as team working skills, knowledge of ethics and an awareness of the social and environmental impacts of their work. Graduates have a broad-based understanding of the whole discipline and a detailed knowledge of their chosen specialist area. They often end up working, both locally and internationally, on multi-disciplinary projects that require innovative approaches and thinking.
The following specialisations are offered:

  • Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering
  • Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
  • Electronic Engineering
  • Electronic/Computer Engineering (combined programme)
  • Computer Engineering
  • Biomedical Engineering

In the International Engineering Programme, the first two years are taught in Thapar University.  Eligible students will transfer to Trinity for years 3 and 4 of the degree programme, undertaking one of the above specialisations to obtain their Bachelors degree (BAI).  Additionally, qualified students can apply to pursue a Masters qualification (MAI) by completing one further year at Trinity.


Junior Freshman Years in Thapar

Thapar University

The first two years, consolidate the study of mathematical and physical sciences. Students are introduced to different facets of engineering through course and laboratory work and project design-based learning. The programme covers subjects basic to all engineering disciplines, including introductory courses in engineering science, mathematics, computer science, physics, chemistry, mechanics, electricity and magnetism, graphics and computer-aided engineering, and group design and build projects.

These first two years in Thapar University closely mirror those taught in the General Engineering course in Trinity, please see more information about Year 1 and Year 2

Senior Sophister Years in Trinity

Trinity Colege Campus

From third year onwards, students have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge and understanding of their chosen specialism. Subjects are studied in much greater detail and students undertake real-life, practical projects. For example, if you choose Civil, Structural and Environmental engineering you could end up designing energy efficient buildings; if you choose Mechanical & Manufacturing engineering, you could end up designing autonomous, self-driving cars; in Computer engineering, you might find yourself building a company’s commercial and operational internet presence.

Students who study the full 5 year MAI (Masters) course also have an industrial internship option in their fourth year for one semester. This unique programme is designed to give students industrial experience, prepare them for professional careers, and expose them to state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge research in the fields of engineering.

This programme is professionally accredited. Graduates have both a broad-based understanding of Engineering topics and a detailed knowledge of their chosen specialist area. The aim is that graduates will be able to continuously train themselves, to adapt and move into related or newly emerging areas as their careers develop after graduation.
More information on the modules, timetable and handbooks for each discipline can be found here:


For more information on the course, please see the course brochure

Thapar IEP brochure

Student Experience and Testimonials

Students undertaking the programme to date, have integrated very well in Trinity and really enjoyed their time here. Please see photos below of events that they have taken part in, along with some testimonials below that. They have become involved in many aspects of college life, including organising the inaugural Trinity Hall Diwali celebrations last year. For more information on the wide range of services and supports offered to Trinity Students, please see here

Trinity Colege Campus

Above, the Thapar students on a day trip organised by Professor Roger West (one of the Thapar mentors).

Trinity Colege Campus

Above, the Thapar students on a day trip organised by Professor Roger West (one of the Thapar mentors).

Trinity Colege Campus

Above, some of the Thapar students relaxing in Trinity Halls!

Trinity Colege Campus

Above, some of the Thapar students were runners up in a recent entrepreneurial competition!

Trinity-Thapar’s one of a kind collaboration has been a boon for our cohort. The experience of studying in an international university is unparalleled. The transition, culturally and academically, was made plain sailing by the tremendous support from Trinity and Thapar.
Pulkit Madan Mechanical Engineering – 2016-2018

When I decided to move to Dublin, I knew it was an opportunity to step out of my comfort zone, challenge myself and be independent. The course exceeded my expectations, teaching me skills beyond computer engineering that have helped me develop as a person. This includes confidence, self-discipline and team working skills. By enrolling in Trinity, you get not only a supportive faculty and the state of art facilities, but also picturesque surroundings and company of some of the most wonderful people from around the globe. And of course, the Irish charm and friendliness, both inside the college and within the Georgian heart of Dublin serves as the perfect icing on the cake.
Peru Bhardwaj Computer Engineering – 2015-2017

Trinity provides an unparalleled learning ground to kick-start your engineering career. I believe, the pleasantly challenging project work with befitting technology has prepared me to work on real-world applications in the industry.
Tushti Singla Computer and Electronic Engineering – 2015-2017

Trinity really is one of the best universities in the world. I couldn’t have asked for more; the teachers are so helpful to me, whenever there is anything I need or didn’t understand they are always there without delay. The Trinity program granted me an international perspective I would not otherwise have got. I got to study different subjects from Thapar University which expanded my knowledge in Computers and Electronics Engineering. Presently, I am in fourth year, but I already feel like I am prepared for the professional career ahead. The facilities are just amazing and the place feels homely. Trinity offers an intellectual environment that is matched in very few other places in the world. I have made really good friends here and many of them are among my best-friends now; I think it is because we are all united by work. The Trinity experience is definitely one that I will never regret. It is quite possibly one of the best decisions of my life and I’m so grateful that I got the opportunity to study here. I would recommend Trinity College Dublin to anybody.
Shekhar Jain Computer and Electronics Engineering – 2015 - 2017

Coming to Trinity has been a truly rewarding experience. The curriculum at Trinity is very unique, you get to learn a lot by doing assignments and labs under one of the best facilities in the world. It is after studying here that I have found my true passion for Computers. The Engineering course also focuses on developing the entrepreneur in you and gives you ample opportunities to kick-start your idea. Trinity being in Dublin-Europe’s IT hub, you get a whole array of opportunities to grow. I feel lucky to have studied in one of the world’s top universities.
Abhinav Garg Computer Engineering – 2015 – 2017


For further information please contact:

Prof. Ajay Batish

Dean Partnerships & Accreditation

Thapar University

Phone: +91 82 8800 8126 / 91 82 8800 8187