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Is Engineering the right course for me?

What is Engineering?
Engineering is about being creative in technical problem solving. Engineers make things possible by using mathematical and scientific principles together with analytical and design skills. They tackle current and future problems by developing new solutions through innovative technologies.

Is Engineering the right course for you?
Engineering is a constantly evolving profession. As an engineer, you will need to be adaptable both to the rapid development of new ideas and technology and to the shifting requirements of industry and society. You will need to be a good communicator, a team player and a problem solver.

For more information on our courses, please see our prospectus and the links to our undergraduate courses, General Engineering (TR032) and Engineering with Management (TR038) below.

TR032: Engineering

This degree programme consists of two years of general engineering education, providing students with a firm grounding in the principles common to all disciplines, followed by two/three years of specialism.
In the first two years, all students follow a common programme including introductory courses in engineering science, mathematics, computer science, physics, chemistry, mechanics, electronics, graphics and computer-aided engineering, and group design projects. This allows students to explore all the branches open to them before choosing one of six specialisms. Courses in the third, fourth and fifth years aim to deepen your knowledge and understanding of the specialism you have chosen. Subjects are studied in much greater detail and students undertake real-life, practical projects and research work. Please note that all disciplines apply through the general engineering course code TR032. In the third year of your studies you will choose whether to pursue the 4 year Bachelor's degree programme (awarding the BA/BAI degree) or the 5 year Master's degree programme (awarding the MAI degree).

TR032 Engineering course details and requirements can be found here and if you are interested to know what modules you would be studying as part of the course, you can find details in the Undergraduate section of our website.

  • Take a look at our Youtube Channel.  The videos include laboratory experiments, student design competitions and demonstration of engineering solutions in places as far away as Malawi.

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  • TR038: Engineering with Management

    Engineering with Management is an exciting and wide ranging engineering programme which aims to develop both the technical and business aspects of engineering. These students take many of the same subjects as Engineering students in their first two years plus modules in Design, Management Science, Finance, Statistics and Manufacturing. In their third, fourth and fifth years, students take core modules and choose from a broad range of engineering and management modules. This programme is characterised by its emphasis on small group teaching (class size is limited to 25 students) with a strong focus on project based learning, group work and integrated (business and engineering) philosophy of teaching and learning.

    TR038 Engineering with Management course details and requirements can be found here and module details can be found on the Engineering with Management website.

    Admissions Procedure

    The first step is to check whether you have EU or non-EU student status. This status will effect your admissions procedure and your fees. Go to our Fees and Payments page, and check the drop down menu “EU/Non-EU Fee Status".

    EU Students

    • EU students apply through the Centralised Applications Office (CAO).
    • Your grades will be converted to an equivalent grade to Leaving Certificate students and places are allocated based entirely on supply and demand.
    • EU student application instructions can be found here, under “CAO Applications".
    • EU admissions requirements can be found here.

    Non-EU Students:

    • Non-EU student application instructions can be found here, under “Direct Application ( portal)".
    • Admissions requirements for specific non-EU countries can be found here:


    Fees and Scholarships

    • Fees for courses can be found here. (Please note the fees can be found under the Faculty of Engineering, Mathematics & Science, TR032 and TR038)
    • Details of scholarships for international undergraduate students can be found here
    • Prizes are also awarded to very high achieving students annually. Details of these and other available available scholarships can be found here

    Student Experience

    • For more information on our international student experience, including our Student Ambassador blog, please see here.
    • This video gives a great insight into campus life.
    • An international perspective on student life in Trinity can be found in this video.


    If you cannot find the information that you are looking for or have more specific queries, please contact the Global Officer for the School of Engineering, Kate Smith.