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You are now entering the Trinity engineering is about website. These pages, as you probably have guessed, are about informing you on what engineering is all about and on what engineering at Trinity College Dublin is about.

Engineering is basically about using mathematical and scientific principles together with analytical and design skills to devise new solutions to practical problems. Such problems might be related to the physical infrastructure (roads, buildings, machines, etc) or the information infrastructure (telecommunications, computers, electronics, etc.)

Engineering has many different aspects: its underlying theory and its practical applications; its well-established structural achievements that surround us, and its cutting-edge new technologies; its scientific formalisms and its free-ranging design creativity. Engineering comprises activities ranging from reading technical journals to researching technical issues, using computer-aided design tools to explore and analyse novel solutions or designs, to building prototype systems and machines. Above all, as an engineer you have to be able to tell other people what you are doing and to convince them that you are right in what you are doing.

We invite you to explore these many diverse aspects by navigating through these pages. Reflected here, you will find the range of engineering disciplines and what they are concerned with, the many and varied activities carried out by engineers, the professional skills and academic programmes developed at Trinity. Engineering is a challenging but satisfying and rewarding life path. We hope that you will see the evidence for that within these pages and that you will find among the diversity of what is here enough to convince you that rising to the challenge of engineering at Trinity is worthwhile.

We will describe the following four disiplines:

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