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Computer Engineering has had a major impact on all our lives during the last thirty years. Its impact has been more significant and more pervasive than that of many other disciplines. Think of the mobile phone, the Internet and the Sony PlayStation 2 - ALL products that weren't even imagined 30 years ago, but have now been realised by the ingenuity of the computer engineer.

Computer engineers need not only to understand how computer systems themselves work, but also how they integrate into the larger picture. Consider the car. A modern car contains many separate computer systems for controlling such things as the engine timing, the brakes and the air bags. To be able to design and implement such a car, the computer engineer needs a broad theoretical understanding of all these various subsystems & how they interact. This might involve mechanical engineering, thermodynamics and fluids as well as the computer systems themselves.

A computer engineer needs excellent problem solving skills, a good theoretical grounding in the fundamentals of engineering and the practical skills to put theory into practice. Computer engineers may design computer hardware, write computer programs, integrate the various subsystems together or do all three. Computer engineers need good management skills as they often get quickly promoted to project manager type positions. Furthermore, computer engineers need good people skills, as they have to sell their ideas to other engineers, other professionals and members of the public.

Since the BAI degree at TCD is based on 2 years of general engineering and 2 years of specialisation, it provides the ideal grounding for future computer engineers. Students learn about all engineering areas and this is of great benefit when designing real world computer systems. Such interdisciplinary knowledge is very important in today's complex world.

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