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School of Engineering Covid-19 Protocols


General safety

  • Practice social distancing and personal hygiene in accordance with HSE guidelines: wash your hands properly and often; cover coughs and sneezes; avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth; keep a safe distance of 2 metres from other people; wear a face covering where social distancing cannot be maintained.
  • Install and use the government Covid tracker app where possible. This will help greatly with contact tracing if the need arises.
  • Complete the HSE health check questions each day before you attend at Trinity. If you have any possible symptoms of covid-19, do not attend at Trinity. If you are a close contact of a confirmed case do not attend at Trinity.
  • Face masks are now mandatory for all teaching and learning events for all students, in all the Libraries and internal public spaces of the campus. If you have a medical reason for not being able to wear a mask, please ensure that you have documentation for this on your person. The link to the HSE guidelines on who is exempt from wearing face coverings is:
  • Use hand sanitiser regularly. Carry a hand sanitiser with you at all times. College have set up refilling stations at all entrances to campus.
  • Maintain social distancing at all times, including outside of classrooms. Stick to the “stay right rule” when walking in corridors.
  • Keep a log of people that you have been closer to than 2 m for more than 15 minutes.
  • Follow the guidelines for toilet usage written on the toilet doors.
  • Where possible, do not socialize outside of your allotted group.

Protocol for students at face to face teaching events

  • In classroom settings, please ensure you maintain at least 1 m distance shoulder to shoulder from other students, and a 2 m distance from staff.
  • There is a “wipe-on/wipe off” cleaning protocol for students. This will be a self-cleaning of the high contact areas (i.e. seat /table) by the student; cleaning stations have been set up in venues where teaching occurs. This consists of a blue paper towel roll and a spray bottle of detergent. Students should use the following steps prior to taking their seat for the lecture.
      • Go to a cleaning station - several will be set up in each area to avoid congestion
      • Sanitise hands
      • Take sheets of blue roll paper towel (it pulls from the middle)
      • Spray the detergent onto the paper towel
      • Go to a seat wipe down the seat and writing desk
      • Dispose of the paper towel in bins provided
      • Sanitise hands again, then take your seat.
  • In classroom settings, students are required to log their attendance and location on campus daily (keep their contact logs and make them available to the HSE on request for control tracing purposes). Please take a photograph of your seat number when you are in class.

What do I do if I develop Covid-19 symptoms on campus?

  • If unwell prior to coming on campus -please stay at home and don’t come on campus.
  • If a student/staff member develops symptoms of COVID-19 whilst on campus, as outlined in HSPC Guidance, the student/staff member should proceed to the pre-identified COVID-19 isolation spaces within the campus and contact the College Health Centre by phone on the following number: 01-896 1556.
  • College Health or their GP will assess and advise as per normal clinical practice and refer for free testing as required and outlined in HSE adult testing guidance. The testing centre is located adjacent to the College Health Centre.
  • Covid-19 test results remain confidential as per doctor - patient relationship. However, students and staff members should be advised at the point of testing that their test result if Covid-19 is detected may need to be shared with the university.
  • If your result is negative you may return to College after 48 hours if you are clinically well enough to return to campus unless you are specifically asked by HSE Public Health to remain excluded because of other investigations.
  • If your result is positive you must inform the Engineering School Manager, Patricia Hughes, at and cc Donncha Millane at

TCD Covid-19 response plan

TCD Covid-19 response plan - executive summary

Engineering Covid Coordinators and Isolation Rooms


Isolation room Covid Coordinator

Contact number

Museum Building

0.17B/0.17C Donncha Millane / Patricia Hughes

01 896 1746 / 086 066 1927

Simon Perry Building

2.3 Simon Perry Dave McAuley

087 642 8317

Redbrick Building

2.3 Simon Perry Dave McAuley

087 642 8317


2.3 Simon Perry Dave McAuley

087 642 8317

Aras an Phiarsaigh

2.17 John Squires

01 896 2288

Stack B

1.27 John Squires

01 896 2288


0.21 John Squires

01 896 2288

Parsons Building

1.08 Mick Reilly

087 227 2609


B1.18 Daniel Kelly

086 172 7387