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Seize the opportunity to access Trinity's Engineering talent and expertise!
Tap into the resources of Ireland’s premier university and leading school of engineering with a team of specially selected students from our MAI masters programme. Our students and faculty will work on a problem defined by your company aiming to deliver innovative solutions to real world problems. Sponsored projects are informed by your needs and those of your customers. For those seeking or requiring a global dimension we can provide such reach through the SUGAR network.
We make innovators.
We make innovators. Our raw material is very smart, highly educated and motivated students who are specially selected for this module. You have a chance to bring your problems to the table, to get a fresh perspective and new ideas. You’ll get to work closely with this team over an extended duration, as they develop a deep knowledge of your company, business sector and customer needs. You’ll get to know them as people, and to understand the innovation processes that we teach.
Project Examples
"Working with Trinity has given us novel solutions….. challenged us as to how we do things in SAP……really helps us do things differently."

Dr. Tony O'Donnell, Site Lead, Business Intelligence R&D, SAP AppHaus, Dublin
In 2012/13 SAP challenged us with a concern of theirs – how to close the efficacy gap between teams that were globally distributed and those that were located in a single location. A team of Stanford and Trinity students worked on the project from September to June, spending time on location in both SAP Dublin and Palo Alto and benchmarking solutions from the healthcare, education and business sectors. Working through many prototype iterations – always testing, always improving, key insights were gained, including the need for serendipitous interaction, for information flow about internal corporate activity and low formality options for teleconferencing. The delivered solution – in fully functional form, was the WaterWall, which created a fun, stimulating environment that combined ease of use with high quality video-conferencing and a unique information sharing and search source.
"Inspired our innovation teams to work collaboratively and in close association with our target customers."

Marymoore Patterson, Senior Manager, User Insights and Experience Design, Panasonic USA
In 2013/14 Panasonic gave us our project prompt – “How can we address the deficiencies in the current healthcare of the elderly while at the same time focusing on their future care?” Through detailed needfinding and benchmarking in the healthcare and other fields, the team of Stanford and Trinity students gained insights into the needs of the elderly population – specifically the importance of depression as both a cause and a symptom of many problems in this group, exacerbated by issues with treatment options such as exercise and social interaction (limited mobility) and medication (interaction with other medication). The team designed ‘Aura’ - a novel multi-sensory immersive experience that provided controlled gentle exercise in a social environment combined with reminiscence therapy.
"The course has opened so many doors for us, to be able to work on your own start up straight out of college is an amazing opportunity that would have never been possible without this module"

Robbie Fryers & Talita Holzer Saad, 4E5 graduates, waytoB co-founders
In 2014/2015 the Trinity Centre for Practice and Healthcare Innovation gave us a broad but very significant challenge - “Integrate people with intellectual disabilities into society”. A team of students chosen to address the problem went directly to the end user, their families and teachers to understand their needs. During the individual and group interviews, it was repeatedly mentioned that the person with an intellectual disability (ID) was dependent upon others for navigation. The interviewees reported that the need for such assistance was the greatest barrier to successfully participating in social activities. After many prototypes (and then some more!) WayFinder (later called waytoB) was created. The solution addressed the lack of quality in the lives of people with ID by developing an integrated smartphone and smarwatch platform that allows them to navigate independently, while providing peace of mind to the families. The solution has been recognized and tested by service providers for people with ID, it won the Universal Design Challenge Award in 2016 and is now part of the Academy for Social Entrepreneurs Ireland.
Our network
Come to our events and see our work! There are opportunities to partake in all events, workshops and presentations. The Engineering Innovation Afternoon happens at the end of every academic year and you’ll get a chance to peek into the exciting activities in our innovation programme and test the students’ fully functional prototypes yourself.

Engineering Design Thinking and User-Centred Design are philosophies of design innovation that were developed in Stanford University, becoming a key pillar of engineering design education and being a major influence on design practice in industry – both locally with companies such as Apple and Google, and globally with companies like SAP and Proctor & Gamble.

Sponsor a project! A team composed of students with a wide range of skills, different cultures and backgrounds will work closely with your company, including spending significant time on site and interacting with your customers, proceeding through the design cycle in an intensive and iterative cycle of design, prototype and test.

The graduates from our innovation programme have unique and valuable skills that will add value to your company. We’re pretty sure you’ll want to hire some of them or all of them soon. Maybe before they hire you!

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For more details or to discuss involvement, contact Kevin Kelly,, ++353-1-896-1465
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