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  • Wednesday conversation on Inclusion (convener Dr Patricia Mc Carthy): These conversations are around a breadth of issues that relate to inclusion in the broadest sense and are generally lead by an informed speaker and followed by active discussion. The discourse is underpinned by research in the group spanning a wide breadth of knowledge while also informed by lived experience. The interdisciplinary nature of the contributors also contribute to the synergy of each session and the objective is to have a transformative potential on contemporary discourse on inclusion and exclusion.
  • Wednesday conversation on UD – (convener Mary Quirke – PhD Candidate): The aim is to focus on conversations that will stimulate a deep learning about Universal Design (UD) Theories.  The hour takes an exploratory approach, seeking to critique not just the emerging theories around UD and UDL  but also a range of theories and theorists we are all familiar with and their influence on inclusion in a contemporary society . Each session explores a thought / theory – and its relationship to ‘inclusion in practice’, through a Universal Design lens.  The outcome will be a deeper consideration of Universal Design theories – and how they relate to other theories and in turn, the agenda of inclusion.