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** Some links are available to TCD Staff and Students only**

  • Post Graduate Research Conferences
  • KEHINDE CHARLES AKINWARERE | Title to follow. Read more

    Supervisor: Professor Damian Murchan



    MARGARET MARY AMOND | An exploration of the nature and niche of TeachMeet in a professional learning landscape. Read more

    Twitter: @magsamond

    Supervisors: Dr Keith Johnston and Dr Richard Millwood


    MARY BEARE AUST | The Role of the External Examiner in Humanities Degree Programmes in Ireland Quality Assurance Assessment. Read more

    Supervisor: Dr John Walsh



    CATHERINE MARY BRUEN | Experience in the areas of Digital Learning, Online Education and Learning Design for Higher Level Education and Private Sector. Read more

    Supervisor: Dr Keith Johnston



    Stella W.W. CHOY | Effectiveness of block play in reducing anxiety for children with ASD and typically developing children. Read more

    LinkedIn: stella-choy-005b667b

    Supervisor: Dr Conor Mc Guckin and Dr Miriam Twomey


    JOSEPH DALYOP DAVOU| What is Taught and What is Learnt: Understanding the Hidden Curriculum from a Non-Western Perspective. Read more

    Supervisor: Dr Andrew Loxley



    EBRU EREN|Feminist Analysis of Science and Gender Relations: The Development of ‘Science Identity’ of Female Students and Early Career Researchers in Higher Education. Read more

    Supervisor: Dr Aidan Seery



    CLARA MARIA FIORENTINI | Language acquisition, transitions to formal literacy, unconstrained literacy skills and language development through playful pedagogy. Read more

    Twitter: @/L_MissTeacher

    Supervisor: Dr Ann Devitt


    ANDREW GIBSON | Title to follow. Read more

    Twitter: @agtgibson

    Supervisor: Dr John Walsh


    DANIEL GRIFFIN | Mixed Reality (XR) Tools for Distributed Teamwork. Read more

    Supervisors: Dr Jake Byrne and Professor Brendan Tangney



    VANESSA LONG HOGARTY | Vanessa’s research explores the lived experiences of learners entering higher education labour activation programmes (Springboard+) in Ireland. Read more

    Supervisor: Dr Conor Mc Guckin



    PAMELA KELLY | Playing the generation game? A Case Study exploring the experiences of Inter-generational Familial Participation in Higher Education. Read more

    Supervisors: Dr Aidan Seery and Dr Andrew Loxley



    MARIA KENNEDY | Doctoral Research Title: Exploring the contribution that Parent Research Advisory Groups (PRAGs) make to developing and implementing workshops, which support parents and children in emergent language and literacy learning in an urban DEIS primary school Read more

    Supervisor: Professor Colette Murphy



    QINYUAN LI | Third Language Learning Strategies: How Do English (L1) and Irish (L2) Speaking Learners Learn Chinese?. Read more

    Supervisors: Dr Ann Devitt and Dr Noel O Murchadha



    CAROLINE LLOYD | Texploring the experiences of female adolescent gestnatal (from conception to 28 days post birth) deaths from a bio-psycho-social perspective. Read more

    Twitter: @TheGriefGeek

    Supervisor: Dr Conor Mc Guckin


    DEREK MAHER | How can the Transition Year Mathematics Curriculum be developed to best prepare students for Senior Cycle Mathematics in Ireland?. Read more

    Supervisor: Dr Aibhin Bray



    CAROLINE MCKEOWN | The Transition to Computer-Based Assessment in PISA 2015: A question of validity? Student ‎process and test-taking behaviour in relation to science achievement in Ireland. Read more

    Twitter: @cazmckeown

    Supervisor: Professor Damian Murchan



    ANNA ABSALOM MWAKITALU| Education, Education management and leadership, Higher Education, Gender and Quality Assurance and Control. Read more

    Supervisors: Dr Joseph Roche and Dr Susan Murphy



    MÁIRÉAD NALLY| Interests include inquiry-based learning, habits of mind, children's agency, teacher's agency and curriculum development. Read more

    Twitter: @MaireadNally

    Supervisors: Professor Colette Murphy and Dr Karin Bacon



    MAEVE O'REGAN | Networked in or networked out? Exploring learners' experiences of completing a PhD part-time within the university sector in Ireland. Read more

    Supervisor: Dr Andrew Loxley



    CATHERINE O’REILLY | Thinking and talking/talking and thinking: Exploring storytelling as pedagogy with young children to provoke emergent critical thinking skills. Read more

    Twitter: @kittyoreilly71

    Supervisor:  Dr. Ann Devitt and Professor Nóirin Hayes 


    MARY QUIRKE | Research interests include Universal Design, Universal Design for Learning, Inclusion, Disability, Bronfenbrenner and Freire; an unlikely combination yet with similar philosophies of inclusivity; philosophies that take a human, emancipatory and empowering approach. Read more

    Twitter: @msmaryquirke

    Supervisor: Dr. Conor Mc Guckin


    VIVIAN RATH | Title to follow. Read more

    Twitter: @RathVivian

    Supervisor: Professor Michael Shevlin


    DAVID REILLY | I am researching a mentoring programme operated in 20 Deis secondary schools around Dublin by the Trinity Access Programme. Read more

    Twitter: @davereilly91

    Supervisor: Dr Andrew Loxley


    JEAN REALE | Title to follow. Read more

    Supervisor: Dr Joanne Banks



    KE REN |Recognising Fathers/Dads: Fathers/Dads Role and Involvement in the Life of Children with Special Educational Needs and/or Disability (SEN/D) within the Context of Early Intervention (EI). Read more

    Supervisor: Dr Conor Mc Guckin



    MENGI WANG | Technology-Mediated Task-based Language Teaching and Chinese as a second language learning, Teaching Chinese as a second language. Read more

    Supervisor: Dr An Devitt



    XINING WANG | Title to follow. Read more

    Supervisor: Dr Conor Mc Guckin



    CHELSEA ANN WHITTAKER |Multilingualism and Hybridity: Language policy, proficiency and identity among children from new Irish backgrounds. Read more

    Supervisors: Dr Ann Devitt and Dr Noel O Murchadha



    TATYANA ALEXANDROVNA ZUBRZYCKI | Academic work in Ireland’s technological higher education sector in the context of Technological Universities Act 2018, and a review of international experience. Read more

    Supervisors: Dr Andrew Loxley and Dr John Walsh