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Dr. John Walsh
Ussher Asst. Prof. in Higher Education, Education


Dr. John Walsh is a lecturer with the School of Education, specialising in higher education studies. He is co-ordinator of the Diploma/M.Ed strand in Teaching and Learning (Higher Education), which offers a third-level teaching qualification. Dr. Walsh is a member of the Cultures, Academic Values and Education research group.

He was previously employed as a contract researcher with the Centre for Contemporary Irish History. John Walsh has lectured with the School of Education, the Department of History (TCD), Marino Institute of Education and CICE Rathmines. John Walsh was awarded a Ph.D in history of education in 2006. He also holds an M. Litt in the history of the Catholic Church.

Publications and Further Research Outputs

Peer-Reviewed Publications

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Non-Peer-Reviewed Publications

John Walsh, Schools and schooling, Review of Schools and schooling, 1650-2000: new perspectives on the history of education, the eighth Seamus Heaney lectures, by James Kelly and Susan Hegarty , History of Education, 2018 Review, 2018 URL

John Walsh, Collen - 200 Years of Building and Civil Engineering in Ireland: A history of the Collen family business 1810-2010, 1st, Dublin, Lilliput Press, 2010 Book, 2010

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An era of expansion, 1945-75 in, editor(s)James Kelly , St. Patrick's College, Drumcondra: A History, Dublin, Four Courts Press, 2006, pp158 - 183, [John Walsh] Book Chapter, 2006

Research Expertise


My research interests include higher education in Ireland; educational policy in a national and international context; the interaction between church and state in education and history of education in contemporary Ireland. My current interests include the impact of the Hunt report and the influence of international agencies on national educational policies.


2q32; EDUCATION; Educational Administration and Policy; Educational Planning/Policy; Higher Education; Irish History; Modern Irish history


Awards and Honours

Award from TCD Association and Trust 2006

Postgraduate Studentship, Centre for Contemporary Irish History 2002-05


Member, Executive Committee, TCD Association and Trust Member, Executive Committee, Educational Studies Association of Ireland, 2016 to date. 2006 – to date