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Book Publication | Exploring Participation, Engagement and Voice for Children with Disabilities

Seen and Heard:Exploring Participation, Engagement and Voice for Children with Disabilities

A new book publication 'Exploring Participation, Engagement and Voice for Children with Disabilities' edited By Dr Miriam Twomey, School of Education, Trinity College Dublin and Dr Clare Carroll, Department of Speech and language Therapy, NUIG.

This newly published edited volume in the Peter Lang Education series is a volume of chapters in the new field of participation, engagement and voice for children with disabilities.

The book will be launched early in the New year. Watch this space! Further details of the book can found on the Peter Lang website.

The importance of researching with children with disabilities has received considerable attention, but little has been written about the particular challenges of researching with children with disabilities from a range of disciplinary perspectives. International policy frameworks have encouraged children's participation, engagement and voice and a notable shift has taken place when considering research on the participation and engagement of the child with a disability, where the impact of context, the environment and the challenges in everyday life are prioritised. This book contends that perspectives of the child need to be facilitated when considering the factors that support and hinder childhood research and practice. In this book, a range of creative methods and innovative developments for eliciting the voice of children with disabilities, is presented by Miriam Twomey and Clare Carroll who together with national and international contributors represent diverse fields dedicated to children's participation, engagement and voice.

Book Reviews

Professor Ann Lewis
University of Birmingham

What are the necessary starting points for hearing directly from children with special needs or disabilities? For example, are there limits to children's capacity and competence which preclude "voice"? Can we ever escape the social construction of children's views? Miriam Twomey and Clare Carroll have, in addressing such knotty problems, created a treasure trove – highly relevant for interdisciplinary professionals and researchers internationally.

Professor Pat Dolan
National University of Ireland, Galway

This volume brings together a range of international contributors to explore new ways of carrying out research with children with disabilities. It also investigates how scholars across a wide variety of disciplines are engaging with one other in innovative research and practice related to children's engagement, participation, agency and voice. It includes perspectives from fields as diverse as psychology, early childhood studies, speech and language therapy (SLT), occupational science and therapy (OST), law, education and disability studies. A wide range of creative and practical methodologies for eliciting children's voices are interrogated and articulated in the book, which will be of interest to both professionals and researchers.