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SCoTENS Conference 2018

The 16th SCoTENs annual conference, EDUCATION AS A COMMON GOOD: THE ROLE OF TEACHER EDUCATION, is taking place on Thursday 18 and Friday 19 October in the Canal Court Hotel, Newry.

The 2018 SCOTENS Annual Conference invites debate on how 'the common good' – an alternative conception to 'the public good' – can help us think about our approaches to teacher education. Common goods are those that contribute to the general interest, enabling society as a whole to function better. Common goods must benefit all. How can teacher education as a common good be envisaged and enacted? As a common good can it mitigate divisions in society? How can we ensure that teacher education fosters equity, citizenship and neighbourliness? Can teacher education be seen as a common good in the first place? As a humanistic project can teacher education challenge, for instance, the commodification of education? What are the implications of education as a common good for approaches to curriculum, assessment and pupil wellbeing?

This year's annual conference will debate these kinds of questions and many related and practical ones stemming from the experiences and perspectives of delegates. Keynote addresses, panel discussion, and invited workshops will in various ways consider, clarify and extend our thinking around this important theme.

A workshop on BeSAD (Bereavement, Separation, and Divorce): Student-teacher experiences of grief in the classroom will be presented by Dr Conor Mc Guckin including the launch of a collaborative research report with his colleagues Dr Aoife Lynam and Dr Barbara McConnell.