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Portrait of the Autist as a Young Man

We are very excited to announce Ian Lynam's upcoming show in the Smock Alley Theatre 'Portrait of the Autist as a Young Man', (a deliberate pun on Joyce's semi-autobiography), is a show which attempts to bridge this gap. It is an honest and funny look at the experience of autism, but crucially it is from an autistic person's point of view. Autism can be very funny, but portrayals of it are usually from the outside looking in rather than vice-versa. The show explores his approach to comedy, struggles in social etiquette and his misgivings with popular portrayals of autism. Ian has even confronted the current controversy about vaccinations and their (entirely unproven) correlation with autism in infants. The show will prove educational and entertaining for those who don't know much about the subject.

He is a stand up comedian, having performed since his first year of university and is about to debut his first ever solo show, 'Portrait of the Autist as a Young Man'. Rather than a standard compilation of jokes, his show is a comic exploration of his life and experiences as someone on the autism spectrum. It will be showing on the 26th/27th of February as part of the Scene and Heard festival in Smock Alive.

Ian Lynam is a graduate of Aspire's drama course under the direction of Professor Carmel O’Sullivan and an alumni of Trinity College Dublin.

Further details on the RTE Culture webpage.

Tickets can be purchased from the Smock Alley Theatre.