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Embodying Language in Action | Book Launch

A new book publication 'Embodying Language in Action: The Artistry of Process Drama in Second Language Education' by Dr Erika Piazzoli has recently been published.

Date: Thursday 4th October 2018

Time: 5.00pm

Venue: The Global Room | Watts Building

RSVP: Valerie Kelly

This book explores embodiment in second language education, sociocultural theory and research. It focuses on process drama, an embodied approach that engages learners' imagination, body and voice to create a felt-experience of the second language and culture.

Divided into three parts, it begins by examining the aesthetic and intercultural dimension of performative language teaching, the elements of drama and knowing-in-action. The central part of the book examines issues related to play, emotions, classroom discourse and assessment when learning a language through process drama, in a sociocultural perspective. The third part is an analysis of the author's qualitative research, which informs a subtle discussion on reflective practitioner methodology, learner engagement and teacher artistry.

Further details can be found on the Palgrave website. The book was officially launched at the International Drama in Education Research Institute (IDIERI) conference in Auckland (NZ) on 3/07/2018.

Book Reviews

Manfred Schewe
University College Cork

This timely publication is an excellent introduction to the artistry of process drama in second language education and a significant contribution to the scholarly debate on performativity in education. Erika Piazzoli offers rich theoretical perspectives on Embodying Language in Action, complemented by ten very inspiring examples of teaching practice, and engages the reader by drawing on autobiographical vignettes and personal memories. The book promises to become an important reference point for all those who believe that creative doing should be at the centre of education, who are eager to understand better in what sense and to what extent language teaching is an art, the teacher is an artist and the students are co-artists.

John O’Toole
University of Melbourne, Australia

This splendid book intrigues, astonishes and enlightens. Grounded in Piazzoli's candid personal stories, it seamlessly interweaves pedagogy and artistry - embodiment, feeling, cognition, research, performance, culture and linguistics - into a rich tapestry of insights. It is a model of praxis, blending encyclopaedic grasp of theory and literature with assured practice.