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Book Launch

Book Launch

New book on educational assessment launched by Minister for Higher Education Mary Mitchell O'Connor TD.

New book on educational assessment launched by Minister for Higher Education Mary Mitchell O'Connor TD. Understanding and Applying Assessment in Education, by Damian Murchan (TCD) and Gerry Shiel (ERC), was praised by Minister as first comprehensive book on assessment in primary and post-primary education written in Ireland. She welcomed its detailed coverage of both formative and summative approaches.

All teachers are responsible for assessing the students they teach and the outcomes of any assessment are important for individual learners and the wider school. This book explores the theory, policy and practice associated with educational assessment and represents a one-stop-shop for understanding formative and summative assessment in schools. The authors provide a balanced overview of assessment with policy and illustrations of practice drawn from Ireland, the UK, and wider international contexts.

Designed to support new teachers and those in teacher education programmes, the book discusses key principles of assessment, before providing guidance on developing and carrying out assessment in the classroom, and looking at how assessment information can be used to benefit teaching and learning. Various regulations that guide teachers' assessment practices are explored, along with strategies for planning, developing and implementing a wide range of approaches to classroom assessment, including differentiating assessment to match the needs of all learners. Readers gain practical advice on how to report assessment information to students, parents and others and on how data can be used to benefit teaching and student learning. The authors' analysis of statutory and other large-scale assessments and of the tensions resulting from different purposes of assessment, including accountability, should be of relevance to anybody interested in how assessment policy interacts with educational practice. An invaluable resource for pre-service and recently qualified teachers, the book and its accompanying website is relevant also to teachers at any stage in their career who are keen to enhance their understanding and skills.