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“Irish in Outlook”

A Hundred Years of Irish Education

May 13-14th 2022

Trinity College Dublin’s CAVE Research Centre and Marino Institute of Education are cordially inviting all to a symposium to mark the centenary of the publication of Public Notice No. 4 “Concerning the Teaching of Irish Language in the National Schools” on 1 February 1922. Effective as of St Patrick’s day of the same year, with this announcement the Executive government of the Free State placed the Irish language at the centre of their vision of education in the Free State. The subsequently published First National Programme for Primary Instruction further consolidated the centrality of Irish as well as the ‘Irish Outlook’ of education in the State, in line with the priorities of a government looking ahead to a postcolonial future.

To celebrate and reflect on this momentous change in Irish education and its impact, we will seek proposals exploring all aspects of the place of the Irish language and an Irish ‘national’ outlook in education, training, and policy as it relates to education and educational institutions in a broad sense.

The Call for Papers will be issued in January with a deadline of March 17th.