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Schools IT2000: A Policy Framework for the New Millenium

With the promise of new opportunities, governments worldwide have implemented policies aimed at ensuring that as many schools and students as possible are online.

In Ireland, the government initially invested over 40 million in Schools IT2000: A Policy Framework for the New Millenium ( Launched in November 1997, this programme aimed to target three core areas:

The Three Strands of Schools IT2000 were as follows:

Provision of multimedia and Internet services were central to the programme's Technology Integration Initiative;

The Technology Integration Initiative (TII) will aim to ensure that there are at least 60,000 multimedia computers in Irish schools by the end of the year 2001 (Dept of Education-Schools IT2000 Initiative, 1997).
In recognition of the need to make rapid initial progress, each school will be assisted in acquiring at least one multimedia-ready computer system with Internet access before the end of 1999 as the first step in a phased development programme (Dept of Education-Schools IT2000 Initiative, 1997).
The project also aims to enable schools not already on the Internet to fully participate in the Project by providing them with an on-line link to the NCTE (National Centre for Technology in Education) and to the many other useful educational sites on the World Wide Web (Dept of Education-Schools IT2000 Initiative, 1997).

The Teaching Skills Initiative (TSI) aimed to provide teacher development in relation to ICT for at least 20,000 teachers nationally. Courses were designed and implemented along of ladder of development to provide teachers with the opportunity to progress from novice to expert.

The Schools Support Initiative (SSI) included the following dimensions:

It [SIP]will involve at least 40 "lead" schools working in partnership with ten education centres and, where appropriate and possible, with third-level institutions. The project will include schools, which have already implemented ICTs in teaching and learning and may already provide models of good practice, and also schools, which are at an earlier stage of development. The SIP will lead to the identification of additional and complementary policy, skill development and support models, pedagogical strategies, and classroom resources for the continuing adoption of ICTs in Irish schools. Information on the best practices and curriculum products emerging from all of the project schools will be disseminated throughout the system on an ongoing basis(Dept of Education-Schools IT2000 Initiative, 1997).

Implementation of Schools IT2000 - Structures