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BESS Modules with effect from 2011/2012.

Junior Freshman (Year 1)

BESS students wishing to pursue either a Single or Joint Honors Economics degree must take six modules, equivalent to 60 ECTS:

Two of these modules - Economics and Mathematics and Statistics - are taught by staff of the Economics Department.

Senior Freshman (Year 2)

Students are required to take six SF modules, equivalent to 60 ECTS. Students wishing to pursue a Single or Joint Honors Economics degree must take:

Junior Sophister (Year 3)

In the Junior Sophister year you will be committing yourself to your choice of moderatorship degree. The great strength of the Sophister programme in economics is its flexibility. Compulsory modules are limited to one economic theory module in the JS year although, for Single Honors students, JS Econometrics is also compulsory.

There is a wide range of other modules on offer and, within the framework of either a Single or Joint Honors degree, you can put together a package that best reflects your interests and future career goals.

Those interested in banking, finance or accountancy can choose a finance-orientated set of options; those interested in a career in politics, journalism or the public sector will find a range of modules which integrate analysis and policy; those intent on a business career or a position in industry can opt for a package emphasising modules in industrial economics and industrial organisation; while those with a quantitative bent or wishing to pursue a research or academic career might wish to choose the more quantitative and analytical modules.

The module descriptions are designed to help you to confirm that the modules you select best meet your particular needs.

All BESS students take six modules in the Junior Sophister year equivalent to 60 ECTS. For Single Honors Economics, students must choose at least three of the modules offered by the Department, including the compulsory requirements:

Joint Honors Economics students must take at least three of the modules from the list offered by the Department, of which at least one must be drawn from EC3010, EC3021, EC3060 or EC3090:

Your remaining modules should be chosen so as to satisfy the programme requirements for either Business Studies or Political Science.

You should be aware of the prerequisites for Senior Sophister modules when choosing your Junior Sophister modules. EC4010 Economic Theory requires students to have completed EC3010 Economic Analysis and either EC3080 Mathematical Economics or EC3090 Econometrics in the JS year. Students who would like to take EC4051 Economics of Financial Markets must take either EC3010 Economic Analysis or EC3050 Investment Analysis.

The prerequisites for EC4090 Quantitative Methods are EC3080 Mathematical Economics and EC3090 Econometrics.

Senior Sophister (Year 4)

Single Honors students must choose EC4010 Economic Theory and three other modules from the list, equivalent to 60 ECTS.

Single honours students may take one but not both of BU4530 and BU 4541.They may substitute a course provided by the School of Mathematics for one of the courses on the list in consultation with the Departmental Coordinator, Sophister Programmes (Dr Paul Scanlon).

Students who took EC3010 Economic Analysis but not EC3090 Econometrics in the JS year may be permitted, in consultation with Dr Scanlon, to take EC3090 Econometrics as a Senior Sophister option provided that they meet the other programme requirements for a Single Honors Economics degree.

Joint Honors students must choose two modules from modules EC4010 through to EC4120. They may not take EC4130.