Journalism and policy papers

My articles on Vox can be found here.

My articles on RGE Monitor can be found here.

Ron Findlay and I have published a popular piece on the economic consequences of Columbus in the May 2006 issue of the BBC History Magazine, available here.

Irish inflation: appropriate policy responses (Irish Banking Review, Winter 2000; with Rodney Thom).

Economic miracle long time coming (Irish Times, Friday, June 9, 2000; with Cormac Ó Gráda). (The table referred to in the text may be obtained here. A longer version of the argument may be obtained here.)

Comment on the 2000 Budget (The Sun, Irish edition, December 7 2000)

Two-part article on EMU and the 'internal devaluation' strategy, Irish Independent, February 26, 2009: here and here.

Present depression just as big as that of 1929, Irish Times, July 8, 2009