Econometric Resource (Consultancy).

The basic aim is to help those who have encountered some econometric problems in the research for their thesis. In the first instance you should consult your supervisor who may be more familiar with empirical work in your thesis topic than me. In some cases your supervisor may have referred you to me. I will deal only with econometrics but you should be prepared to explain in detail the underlying economics.

I am sometimes asked for help in solving some problem with a Stata or similar problem which will not run. Unless the program is properly constructed and commented solving such problems can be very difficult. The problem is that the program stop at line 500 may have been caused by the code at line 10. Break your program down into small sections. Perhaps use a subset of your data or a small set of simulated data. If you still have problems we may be able to do something.

I am sometimes asked questions like "What is the best program to do ... ?" or "What is the best way to bet started with a particular program?" or "How does one do?" or "My dataset is very large and will not load - What can I do?". Some times there are easy answers. Some times there are not.

If you wish to talk to me about an econometric problem please send me an email at jfrain at tcd dot ie and I will arrange a meeting. It would be useful if your email gave details of your problem.

Please note that this facility is not available for the solution of "homework" and similar econometric exercises. If you have such problems pleas consult your course Lecturer or Teaching Assistant as appropriate.