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Dr. Francis O'Toole
Associate Professor, Economics

Publications and Further Research Outputs

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Sara Cantillon and Francis O'Toole, Citizens' Basic Income in Scotland: On the Road to Somewhere, European Journal of Social Security, 24, 2022, p1-13 Journal Article, 2022

Paul K. Gorecki and Francis O'Toole, Resale price maintenance guidance in Ireland - a per se approach? , European Competition Law Review, 43, (8), 2022, p372 - 376 Journal Article, 2022

John O'Hagan, Francis O'Toole and Ciara Whelan, The Economy of Ireland: Policy Making in a Global Context, 14, London, England, Bloomsbury, 2021, 1 - 432pp Book, 2021

Regulatory Policy in, editor(s)John O'Hagan, Francis O'Toole and Ciara Whelan , The Economy of Ireland: Policy Making in a Global Context, London, England, Bloomsbury, 2021, pp109 - 135, [Tara Mitchell and Francis O'Toole] Book Chapter, 2021

John O'Hagan and Francis O'Toole, The Economy of Ireland: Policy-making in a Global Context , 13th Edition, Dublin, Palgrave, 2017, 1 - 384pp Book, 2017

Regulation, 'Nudging' and Competition in, editor(s)John O'Hagan and Francis O'Toole , The Economy of Ireland: Policy-Making in a Global Context, Dublin, Palgrave, 2017, pp116 - 142, [Tara Mitchell and Francis O'Toole] Book Chapter, 2017

Francis O'Toole and Paul K. Gorecki, The Dangers of Ad-hoc Changes to Merger Control Regulation: The Irish Financial Crisis , Journal of Antitrust Enforcement, 2015, p10.1093 Journal Article, 2015

Regulation and Competition in, editor(s)John O'Hagan and Carol Newman , The Economy of Ireland: National and Sectoral Policy Issues, Ireland, Gill & Macmillan, 2014, pp112-138 - [Francis O'Toole] Book Chapter, 2014

Regulation and Competition Policy in, editor(s)Carol Newman and John O'Hagan , The Economy of Ireland: National and Sectoral Policy Issues, Dublin, Ireland, Gill & Macmillan, 2011, pp111 - 136, [Francis O'Toole] Book Chapter, 2011

Gerard Turley with Maureen Maloney and Francis O'Toole, Principles of Economics: An Irish Text, 4th Edition, Gill & MacMillan, 2011, 1 - 642pp Book, 2011

O'Toole, F., Delaney, L., Preferences for Specific Social Welfare Expenditures in Ireland, Applied Economics Letters, 15, 2008, p985 - 989 Journal Article, 2008

Francis O'Toole and Liam Delaney, Individual, Household and Gender Preferences for Social Transfers, Journal of Economic Psychology, 29, 2008, p348 - 359 Journal Article, 2008

Services, Competition and Regulation in, C.Newman and J.O'Hagan , The Economy of Ireland: National and Social Policy Issues, Dublin, Gill & Macmillan, 2008, pp234 - 262, [Francis O'Toole] Book Chapter, 2008

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Lyons, Sean and O'Toole, Francis, Conceptual and Applied Problems with the UK Competition Filter, Journal of Competition Law and Economics, 2, (4), 2006, p683 - 696 Journal Article, 2006

Taxation Policy and Reform in, editor(s)Sean Healy, Brigid Reynolds and Micháel Collins , Social Policy in Ireland: Principles, Practice and Problems, The Liffey Press, 2006, pp205 - 222, [Francis O'Toole and Noel Cahill] Book Chapter, 2006

O'Toole, F., Turley, G.,and Maloney, M., Principles of Economics: An Irish Textbook, 3rd Edition, Dublin, Gill & Macmillan, 2006, 705pp Book, 2006

O'Toole, F., Delaney, L., Eliciting Household and Individual Willingness to Pay, Journal of Cultural Economics, 30, 2006, p305 - 309 Journal Article, 2006

O'Toole, F., Delaney, L., The Distributional Effects of State-Financed Broadcasting, Journal of Media Economics, 19, (2), 2006, p83 - 98 Journal Article, 2006

Competition Policy, Regulation and Non-Internationally Traded Services in, editor(s)C. Newman and J. O'Hagan , The Economy of Ireland: National & Sectoral Policy Issues, Dublin, Gill & Macmillan, 2005, pp188 - 214, [O'Toole, F.] Book Chapter, 2005

O'Toole, F., Delaney, L., Irish Public Service Broadcasting: A Contingent Valuation Analysis, The Economic and Social Review, 35, 2004, p321 - 350 Journal Article, 2004

O'Toole, F., Treanor, C., The European Union's Trade Mark Exhaustion Regime, World Competition: Law and Economics Review, 25, (3), 2002, p279 - 302 Journal Article, 2002

Microeconomic Policy Issues in Ireland in, editor(s)G. Turley and M. Maloney , Principles of Economics: An Irish Textbook, Gill and McMillan, 2001, pp266 - 284, [O'Toole, F.] Book Chapter, 2001

O'Toole, F., Comment on The Microsoft Antitrust Policy Case, Journal of Industry, Competition and Trade, 1, (1), 2001, p63 - 69 Journal Article, 2001

O'Toole, F., Unjust Enrichment: An Unjust Precedent? Marks & Spencer plc v. Commissioners of Customs & Excise, British Tax Review, 6, 1999, p505 - 511 Journal Article, 1999

O'Toole, F., The E.C. Green Paper on Vertical Restraints: Option IV Defended, European Competition Law Review, 20, (1), 1999, p1 - 4 Journal Article, 1999

Taxation Policy in, editor(s)S. Healy and B. Reynolds , Social Policy in Ireland: Principles, Practice and Problems, Oak Tree Press, 1998, pp221 - 237, [O'Toole, F., Cahill, N.] Book Chapter, 1998

Comment on Unemployment in Ireland: Alternative Perspectives in, editor(s)C. Clark and C. Kavanagh , Unemployment in Ireland: Alternative Perspectives, Ashgate, 1998, pp68 - 74, [O'Toole, F.] Book Chapter, 1998

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Francis O'Toole, Reform of Personal Taxation and Pay-Related Social Insurance: A Low Income Perspective, Dublin, Combat Poverty Agency, Poverty & Policy Discussion Paper, 1997, 1997 Report, 1997

O'Toole, F., Strobl, E., Compulsory Voting and Government Spending, Economics and Politics, 7, (3), 1995, p271 - 280 Journal Article, 1995

Taxation Measures and Policy in, editor(s)J. O'Hagan , The Economy of Ireland: Policy and Performance of a Small European Country, London, Macmillan, 1995, pp127 - 158, [O'Toole, F. Ruane, F.] Book Chapter, 1995

The Costings of a Basic Income Scheme in, editor(s)B. Reynolds and S. Healy , An Adequate Income Guarantee For All: Desirability, Viability and Impact, Conference of Religious of Ireland, 1995, pp64 - 77, [O'Toole, F.] Book Chapter, 1995

O'Toole, F., The Economics of Vertically Restrictive Agreements, Irish Competition Law Reports, 1995, p21 - 28 Journal Article, 1995

Discretionary Tax Expenditures in, editor(s)S. Cantillon, J. Curtis & J. FitzGerald , Economic Perspectives for the Medium Term, Dublin, The Economic and Social Research Institute, 1994, pp89 - 102, [O'Toole, F.] Book Chapter, 1994

Francis O'Toole and Frances Ruane, The Taxation of High Income Earners in Ireland, Proceedings of the Annual Conference of the Foundation for Fiscal Studies, The Taxataion of High Earners, Dublin, 1994, edited by Frances Ruane , 8, 1994, pp11 - 26 Conference Paper, 1994

O'Toole, F., Tax Reform in Ireland Since the Commission on Taxation, Journal of the Statistical and Social Inquiry Society of Ireland, XXVI, (VI), 1993, p85 - 123 Journal Article, 1993

Non-Peer-Reviewed Publications

Social welfare, Encyclopaedia of Ireland, Gill & Macmillan, 2003, pp1003 - 1003, [O'Toole, F.] Item in dictionary or encyclopaedia, etc, 2003

O'Toole, F., Review of Competition Policy: History, Theory and Practice, by M. Neumann , Journal of Economics/Zeitschrift für Nationalökonomies, 80, (1), 2003, p93-7 Review, 2003

O'Toole, F. , Review of The History of Game Theory, Volume 1: From the Beginning to 1945, by Mary Dimand and Robert W. Dimand , History of Economic Ideas, VI, 1998, p148-50 Review, 1998

Research Expertise


Competition Policy and Regulation; Redistribution; Survey Methodology; Public Service Broadcasting; Taxation Policy; Tax Reform; Unjust Enrichment; and, Compulsory Voting.


Awards and Honours

John M.Olin Fellow in Law and Economics. Georgetown University Law Center 1991 - 1992

University Fellowship. Georgetown University Graduate School 1988 - 1991


American Economics Association (AEA)