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A number of useful academic and support materials, including past project examples and principles of good practice, are available online:

•  Ash, S.L. and Clayton, P.H (2009), "Generating, Deepening, and Documenting Learning: The Power of Critical Reflection in Applied Learning", Journal of Applied Learning in Higher Education Vol. 1, pp. 25-48 available online at:

• Ash, S.L. and Clayton, P.H. (2004), "The articulated learning: an approach to reflection and assessment'', Innovative Higher Education, Vol. 29 No. 2, pp. 137-54., available online at: .

•  Campus Compact (Higher Education Association in the United States dedicated solely to campus-based civic engagement): .
In particular, see New Times Demand New Scholarship.

• Campus Engage (Network for the Promotion of Civic Engagement in Irish Higher Education):

• Community Engaged Scholarship Toolkit (for Health Professions):

•  Hurd C.A. (2008), "Is Service-Learning Effective?: A Look at Current Research"

•  International Association for Research on Service-Learning and Community Engagement:

•  Moon J. (2007) "Resources for Reflective Learning", avaliable online at:

•  Generator School Network National Clearinghouse for Service Learning (United States):

•  National Coordinating Centre for Public Engagement (UK):

See also the Manifesto for Public Engagement:

•  Developing and Implementing Service-Learning Programs (2001), Speck and Canada eds., San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, available online at:

In particular, see Speck B., "Why Service-Learning?" at p.3 and Rubin M., "A Smart Start to Service-Learning", p.15

•  South African Council for Education:
In particular, see "Service Learning in the Curriculum" (June 2006) and "A Good Practice Guide and Self-evaluation Instruments for Managing the Quality of Service-Learning" (June 2006).

•  Weigert K., "Academic Service Learning: Its Meaning and Relevance", New Directions for Teaching and Learning 73, 3. Available online through EBSCOhost.

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