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Thinking of setting up a Trinity social media account for your area?

Do you have a plan of what social media will do for you? Are you looking to engage with your audience, share information, inform and/or gain feedback? Why?

If you have a plan, you’ll make good decisions about where to establish accounts, what information to share, and who you will reach. Your audience is key to your plan. You may want to find out what social media channels they are using.

Things to consider before setting up a university social media account:


We have developed a set of questions that will help you and your colleagues determine whether setting up a social media account(s)for your area is the right step at this time.

These questions will assist you in considering the resources, both staff and time, required for establishing and the continuous administration of the account(s).

Please discuss these questions with the head of department, line manager and all others who will be involved in the administration before completing the form. When completed, Trinity Communications will review the information and assist you in making the decision whether to proceed with social media account(s).

Following a decision to proceed, appropriate objectives and resources can be agreed and put in place for the successful administration of the new account(s) and then the process of establishing the account(s) can be started.

Proposal for setting up new social media account

Please complete separate form for each proposed platform account e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

What platform are you considering and why?

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Other
What is the objective of the account?  

What is the intended audience for the account?


What is the content plan for the account?

Please outline the type of content and the frequency of posts planned for this account.

What is the time resource to be given to the management of this account on a weekly basis?


Proposed name

Handle: example for twitter @tcddublin

Profile name

Profile description

Profile name: Trinity College Dublin

Profile description:  Official source of news from Trinity College Dublin. We are Ireland's highest-ranked university with a 428-year history of teaching and research.


Who will be the administrators of the account?

Each account requires two administrators with access to ensure is it managed at all time during periods of annual or sick leave etc.

Have both administrators experience with the platform proposed for this account?

Administrator A


Administrator B

Has agreement been sought from Head of Department to the setting up of this new account?

Head of Department with signature for approval.

List other social media accounts representing your department / area?


Person proposing account set-up


Download the above form and send to