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Email protocol for staff and student emails


To provide clear guidelines as to how Trinity's email facilities will be used for blanket emails to staff and students.


  • Content of the email must be appropriate and adhere to Trinity's IT and Network Code of Conduct and Accessibility Information Policy and Guidelines.  Please note attachments cannot normally be facilitated.
  • Information must be relevant to all those receiving the emails and not solely relevant to one section of Trinity community.
  • Information must be timely.
  • Circulation must be sought or authorised by a named member of staff.
  • Replies to emails will be directed to a designated person associated with the event/activity.
  • One email per event/activity will be sent. Reminders will not be issued.
  • One reminder email per survey will be facilitated.
  • The venue has to be appropriate for the event been advertised.
  • Emails can specifically be sent to staff members only, students only (undergraduates and postgraduates) or to both staff members and students.

Some areas have the facility to send notices relevant to their activities including:

  • IT Services
  • Human Resources
  • Estates and Facilities
  • Library
  • Careers Advisory Service

The Senior Lecturer and Dean of Graduate Studies provide access to the Students' Union and Graduate Students' Union email lists.  All other permissions are normally provided by the Secretary to Trinity.

 Categories of emails which will be permitted

  Subject matter Relevant contact Email contact
1. Programmes/activities available for academic/administrative/service staff

Secretary's Office

2. Operational Announcements

Secretary's Office

3. Research-related surveys of all staff at the request of the Principal Investigator/Lead researcher/Supervisor of student thesis

Secretary's Office

4. Research-related surveys of all students at the request of the Principal Investigator/Lead researcher/Supervisor of student thesis

Secretary's Office

  Permission to send the email must be sought in advance as follows:    
  Undergraduate students list Senior Lecturer
  Postgraduate students list Dean of Graduate Studies
5. Service-related surveys of all staff and students to comply with legislation and requirements of government departments and state agencies

Secretary's Office

6. Death of staff member in service, Fellow Emeritus and/or Trinity Officer, Undergraduate/Postgraduate Students

Secretary's Office

Categories of emails which will not be circulated using central Trinity staff and student lists:

1. Commercial requests
2. Any request from outside the university on any subject matter. (Unless it is specifically approved by the Secretary's Office)
3. University matters of a sensitive nature
4. Surveys except as outlined in Section 3 (4-6) above
5. Communications from staff and student representative groups
6. Staff retirement notices (local email lists may be used)

Other circulation options:

1. Online noticeboard Notice board submission form
2. Information screens