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Impact on supply of goods and services

These issues are likely to require consideration in preparation for a no deal scenario. They include:

  • travel arrangements between the UK and EU
  • health insurance for students and staff
  • energy / participation in Euratom and other programmes
  • trade / customs arrangements
  • procurement / contracts held by universities, e.g. with businesses
  • data protection and transfers of data
  • regulation
  • VAT
  • recognised professional qualifications held by staff


The Procurement Office in Trinity College Dublin is engaging with our colleagues in the Higher Education sector, the Office of Government Procurement and the Education Procurement Service. This engagement includes reviewing the content of framework contracts, current suppliers and planned tenders and attempting to assess the risk that a no-deal / hard Brexit will have on cost and availability of supply.

We are contacting the university’s main suppliers to determine what processes they are putting in place to safeguard availability and supply times and to ascertain the potential for increased costs.

Once we have received details of priority suppliers from each school and area we will assess the risk associated with each and what alternative sources of supply exist.

What should budget holders/purchasers do?

If you are planning to purchase goods from UK suppliers or their Irish branches between now and March 29, 2019, you should factor in the potential for delays and allow for additional delivery time. This is because as the deadline approaches, some supply networks may focus on minimising risk by stockpiling raw materials and/or increasing buffer stock. At this time we are not advising University purchasers to stockpile inventory but we will monitor the situation closely to determine any contingency arrangements that may be required.

For any recently awarded UK-based contract with a scheduled delivery in the first quarter of 2019 or thereafter, PIs and budget-holders need to consider the possibility of a delay in shipping due to congested supply networks and a reassessment of priorities.

In these instances, Procurement will work with colleagues to expedite delivery and hold suppliers to the terms originally agreed.

At any point in the past, the possibility of currency exchange rate fluctuations between the date of tender submission and date of delivery has existed. The current level of uncertainty now has increased this risk of currency fluctuation. Payment schedules should be weighted towards the delivery and installation project phases and not the contract commencement phase. Contracts and resulting Purchase Orders must be made under Trinity terms and conditions, be governed by the laws of Ireland and should only be agreed in Euro.

The determination of risk will vary depending on the type of purchase being made. For any supply arrangements of a bespoke/specialised nature, particularly those that are date-critical, budget-holders should liaise with the Procurement Office.

If you have any queries or concerns please contact the Procurement Office directly.