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Trinity Employability Award in partnership with Intel – First Steps (For JF Students)

This award is designed to give you an insight into the world of work in a technology company, and to increase your awareness and development of the Trinity Graduate Attributes. This award is open to students in JF Engineering. You can choose your level of participation and, when you complete Level 1 or Level 2, you will be invited to a celebratory event and receive a certificate recording your achievement. The award elements at each level are outlined below.

You must complete the minimum requirements of Level 1 to be eligible for a certificate of participation, and to participate in Level 2.  A reference will need to be submitted as evidence of your participation in extra-curricular activities.

Level 1  - Participate

The foundational level of the Award, to achieve this award standard you must:

  • Complete a minimum of 20 hours of extra-curricular activities – see list of approved activities below and details of reference requirements
  • Attend one session at Intel

Intel session

  • Come on-site and gain an insight of the innovative work being done at Intel
  • An opportunity to meet with with managers and recently hired graduates from diverse backgrounds
  • Visit a state of the art, high-tech environment and experience cutting edge facilities
  • Learn of the potential career paths available in the engineering and technology sector and beyond
  • References

    For the purpose of the award, you will need to send us confirmation from your referee that you undertook the 20 hours of activity. If you are combining several activities to reach the 20 hours, you’ll need to submit a reference for each of these.

    •  There’s no need for the person to comment on the work you did or how well they feel you did, we simply require confirmation that you did the hours. We will need this along with your referee’s name, job title, email address and phone number, as we’ll be calling some of them on a randomly selected basis.
    • Your referee should be someone you were reporting to in your 20 hours of activity e.g. your boss in a part time job or volunteering role.
    •  If you are not the society chair, the society chair can be your referee. If you are the society chair, Emma Matthews in the CSC can provide sign off, you can email her at
    • If your 20 hours were in the Trinity Students Union we suggest that you ask your faculty convener, or the TCDSU Education Officer, to sign off on these hours.

    You can provide this confirmation of hours in one of two ways:

    Ask the referee to send an email confirming those hours, along with their contact number and their job title/role to by the closing date in February/March (TBC). Ask your referee to copy you by email on the reference so you know it has been submitted.

    Send a reference written on the organisation’s headed paper as an attachment to by the closing date in February/March (TBC).

    Extra-curricular activities

    The required 20 hours of activity must fall under a category on this list. If you plan to engage in an extra-curricular activity that does not fit in the list below, please contact us at and we will let you know if it can be considered.

    Your 20 hours of extra-curricular activity can take place in:

    • Student societies registered with Trinity's Central Societies Committee
      • Sports e.g. being an active member of Trinity Sports clubs
      • Volunteering with a registered charity or as part of a Trinity initiative, e.g. S2S mentoring, VDP homework club
      • Student representation in Trinity's Students Union e.g. faculty convenor or class rep
      • Enterprise e.g. business challenge, SMF, Launchbox, Launchpad
      • Social enterprise
      • Internships (not those undertaken as a course requirement)
      • Part time work


    All activities must be verifiable and supported by a reference.

    Level 2 - Complete

    In addition to completing the requirements for Level 1, to achieve this award standard you must:

    • Complete a CV review with a Careers Consultant
    • Submit a 250 reflective piece following the guidelines below

    These requirements will be assessed by Trinity Careers Service. Successful students will receive a certificate of their participation in this level of the Award.

    CV review

    You can have your CV reviewed by coming along to one of our regular Drop-In CV clinics. Your attendance will be recorded by the service as evidence of you meeting this criteria. See MyCareer for details of upcoming Drop-In CV Clinics.

    Reflective piece for submission

    Write 250 words reflecting on your experience of this programme explaining how you feel you have enhanced your employability and developed one or more of the Trinity Graduate Attributes. How has the programme informed your beliefs and practices about employability? How has it influenced your thinking about careers? The focus should be on your development, not on achieving perfection. You can draw on your experience at Intel, as well as on your extra-curricular activity. Submit this as a MS Word document, and include your full name in the document title.

    Award timeline

    5pm, 28th September 2018

    Deadline for application

    5th October 2018

    Receive notification of registration status

    September 2018 – February 2019

    Participate in 20 hours of extra-curricular activity

    23rd October 2019

    Session on Intel campus

    February 2019 TBC

    Deadline for assessment submission

    February/March 2019 TBC

    Award ceremony


    To apply for this award, please sign into MyCareer and register for the “Trinity Employability Award in partnership with Intel - First Steps (Application)” event. You can do this by searching for the event or clicking this link - Application Form. You will be asked to book into the event and write up to 150 words on what you hope to achieve by participating in the award as part of your registration.

    The closing date to apply is 5:00pm on Friday 5th October 2018. Places on the award are limited, if more people apply than can be accommodated we will allocate places after the closing date to achieve an equitable representation of student demographics.Visiting students are not eligible to apply to the Trinity Employability Award.

    We will get in touch with you by email to let you know the status of your application in the week following the closing date.

    Further information

    If you have any questions about the award after reading the above material, you can send them by email to and we will reply as soon as possible.

    You should also engage with the Trinity Careers Service on social media for updates on this award and other activities: