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Trinity Employability Award in partnership with Intel – First Steps (For JF Students)

This Award is designed to give you an insight into the world of work in a technology company, and to increase your awareness and development of the Trinity Graduate Attributes. This award is open to students in JF Engineering. This highly flexible Award has two levels of engagement for you to choose from allowing you to tailor your participation. You can decide to progress to Level 1 (Participate) or Level 2 (Complete). Each level achieved will further enhance your employability through this innovative programme.

All students participating must achieve the minimum requirements of Level 1 to be eligible for a certificate of participation. Students can then opt to complete additional activities to be eligible for a Level 2 certificate.

All students who successfully complete a level of the Award will receive a certificate and will be invited to the award ceremony presented by Trinity Careers Service and our partner Intel. Please note that full participation in all activities compulsory at each level of the Award. Students who do not complete required workshops or assessments for any reason will not be eligible to receive a certificate for that level of the Award. Dates and availability requirements for each level of the Award are outlined in the Award timeline.

Level 1 - Participate

This is the foundational level of the award. To achieve this award standard you must:

Intel session

  • Come on-site and gain an insight into the innovative work being done at Intel
  • An opportunity to meet with with managers and recently hired graduates from diverse backgrounds
  • Visit a state of the art, high-tech environment and experience cutting edge facilities
  • Learn of the potential career paths available in the engineering and technology sector and beyond

Workshop: “Micro-expressions”: Collaborating in the Professional Workplace

Micro-expressions are subtle, often unconscious messages that we unknowingly communicate. They are conveyed through facial expressions, gestures,  tone of voice or choice of words. Our micro-expressions can impact on how people respond to us. Understanding these cues will increase your ability to communicate effectively with peers and co-workers through a heightened awareness of non-verbal cues, spoken language and cultural assumptions.

By the end of this workshop students will be able to:

  • communicate more effectively through understanding the impact of verbal and non-verbal communication in interactions with others

Extra-curricular activities

You must complete a minimum of 20 hours of extra-curricular activity to achieve Level 1 of this Award. All references must be submitted by 22nd January 2020.

Eligible activities

Your extra-curricular activities must:

  • Take place between 2nd June 2019 and 22nd January 2020
  • Be verifiable by a third-party with responsibility for the activity e.g. a supervisor, manager, team captain, instructor
  • Be outside the requirements of your core academic curriculum

You can combine hours from multiple activities to reach the requirement. The activities do not need to take place in Trinity to be eligible.

Activities which meet the requirement include:

  • Participating on the committee of a student society which is registered with Trinity's Central Societies Committee (CSC)
  • Attending classes, training, competitions or participating on the committee of a sports club registered with Dublin University Central Athletic Club (DUCAC)
  • Volunteering with a registered charity or as part of a Trinity initiative, e.g. S2S mentoring, VDP homework club
  • Participating in Trinity's Students Union (TCDSU) e.g. faculty convenor or class representative
  • Participating in Enterprise activities.g. business challenge, SMF, Launchbox, Launchpad
  • Participating in an society, sports club, or activity outside of Trinity similar to those listed above as part of an official group or organsiation
  • Internships which are not undertaken as part of your core academic curriculum
  • Part-time work e.g. customer service, retail or any other similar paid employment

Activities which do not meet the requirement:

  • Activities undertaken by yourself which cannot be verified e.g. personal exercise, online content creation, travelling
  • Activities verified by a family member who does not have an official capacity within the organisation or group with which you are involved

Submission guidelines

To submit your reference please download the Employability Award Level 1 Reference Template and ask your referee to complete it. Add your name to the end of the file name and upload it to the Level 1 Submission Form. You can also upload an original reference your referee has provided which must include all the information in the recommended template to be accepted. Referees will be contacted to verify your involvement on a randomly selected basis.

  • If your involvement is with a society/sports club in Trinity the society chair/club captain to act as your referee
  • If you are the society chair you can contact Emma Matthews at to act as your referee
  • If you are the club captain you can contact Aidan Kavanagh at to act as your referee
  • If your involvement is in the Trinity Students' Union you can contact your faculty convener or the TCDSU Education Officer to act as referee

All students who successfully complete this level will receive a 'Certificate of Completion' on attending the final ceremony. You can choose to deepen your learning and compete for prizes by taking part in the assessment in Level 2 (Complete).

Level 2 - Complete

This is the intermediate level of the Award. To achieve this Award standard you must:

  • Complete a CV review with the Trinity Careers Service
  • Complete a reflective careers assessment demonstrating your development of a Trinity Graduate Attribute

The aim of these assessments is to enable you to reflect on, integrate, and articulate the learning you have achieved from participating in this programme. These components will be assessed by the Trinity Careers Service.

The reflective careers assessment must be submitted through the MyCareer Employability Award pathway module by 14th February 2020. All students who successfully complete this level will receive a 'Trinity Employability Award (First Steps)' certificate on attending the final ceremony.

CV review

You must attend a CV review drop-in clinic at the Trinity Careers Service between 14th October 2019 -14th February 2020. Your attendance will be recorded by the Trinity Careers Service as evidence of you meeting this criteria. See MyCareer for details of upcoming Drop-In CV Clinics.

Reflective careers assessment

You must submit a written reflection on your development of one of the four Trinity Graduate Attributes through participating in the Trinity Employability Award. The word count for the reflection is 250 words and accompanied by an image which you have created which demonstrates that learning.The aim of this assessment is to enable you to articulate your development with a focus on how you achieved this by engaging with the Award.

At the end of this assessment you will be able to:

  • Critically reflect on the extent to which you have developed one of the Trinity Graduate Attributes
  • Creatively demonstrate the learning described through a related image

You can consider the following questions as a starting point for your submission:

  • How have you achieved your chosen Trinity Graduate Attribute by participating in the Award?
  • Which aspects of the Award helped you achieve it?
  • Why is it important and what does it mean to you?
  • Why did you choose the image?
  • What do you see in it?
  • How does this image represent or synthesise your learning from the programme?
  • What does it say about you and your learning?

Your submission will be assessed by the Trinity Careers Service using the Trinity Employability Award Level 2 Assessment Rubric.

Submission guidelines

To submit your assessment please download the Employability Award Level 2 Assessment Template and complete it. Add your name to the end of the file name and upload it to the Level 2 Submission Form.

Your overall submission should:

  • Illustrate your development of a specific Trinity Graduate Attribute
  • Demonstrate a clear link between the themes of your written assessment and your chosen image

Your written assessment should:

  • Reflect on your experience of a specific Trinity Graduate Attribute over the course of the Award
  • Identify which aspects of the Award contributed to your learning e.g. a workshop, an element of your extra-curricular activity
  • Articulate the relevance of your chosen image to the learning you have described

Your image should:

  • Creatively demonstrate the experience you have described in your written reflection
  • Be an image (photo, illustration, graphic) which you have created or a photo of you taken by a third-party which you have permission to use
  • Be created during your participation in the Award
  • Have a relevant title

Your image does not necessarily have to be of professional quality but it should be of a technical standard sufficient to display in a professional setting i.e. not blurry, well-lit, high resolution, and jpeg or png file format. Photos cannot be taken on partner employer premises or during Employability Award workshops. Images submitted as part of this assessment may be displayed at the Trinity Employability Award final ceremony and on related websites and social media.

Award timeline

All activity and communication from Trinity Careers Service in relation to the Trinity Employability Award will be through MyCareer.

Friday 20th September 2019

Applications open

5 PM, Friday 4th October 2019

Applications close

Friday 11th October 2019 Applicants informed of the outcome of their application
Tuesday 22nd October 2019

Level 1

“Micro-expressions”: Collaborating in the Professional Workplace workshop at Intel

Students will be automatically registered via MyCareer

By 22nd January 2020

Level 1

Submit a reference for 20 hours of extra-curricular activity completed between 2nd June 2019 - 22nd January 2020

By 14th February 2020

Level 2

Submit reflective careers assessment

2nd September 2019 - 14th February 2020

Level 2

Attend a a CV review clinic in the Trinity Careers Service. See MyCareer for details of upcoming Drop-In CV Clinics.

10th March 2020

All levels

Award ceremony

Attendance at the award ceremony is required to celebrate all levels of participation in the award and for presentation of certificates and prizes.


To apply to the Trinity Employability Award you can complete the Trinity Employability Award (First Steps) Application Form including a max. 150 word statement on why you want to participate in this pathway.

  • The Trinity Employability Award is open to students in JF Engineering
  • Places on the award are limited, if more people apply than can be accommodated Trinity Careers Service will allocate places after the closing date to achieve an equitable representation of student demographics
  • All application decisions are at the discretion of Trinity Careers Service and are final

Further information

If you have any questions about the award after reading the above material, you can send them by email to and we will reply as soon as possible.

You should also engage with the Trinity Careers Service on social media for updates on this award and other activities: