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Hosting Webinars Using Blackboard Collaborate Ultra

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Blackboard Collaborate Ultra is a virtual classroom program that lets you host webinars with your students and communicate with them via voice, video, lecture slides and text chat. Collaborate Ultra can be added to any module in Blackboard and supports up to 250 participants by default and up to 500 using a large session mode. A video overview for staff of Collaborate Ultra is available below. Guides for students are available on the Blackboard website.

Adding Collaborate Ultra to your Blackboard module: Click on the plus button at the top left of the menu, select Tool Link, enter Collaborate Ultra for the name, select Type: Blackboard Collaborate Ultra and make available to users. Ensure you select the Ultra version of Collaborate & Click Submit.

Benefits of Webinars for Teaching & Learning

You can use webinars to:

  • Host live virtual classrooms with students
  • Communicate using webcams, microphones and text chat
  • Share lecture notes and stream video of your desktop
  • Collaborate with students using an interactive whiteboard
  • Record webinars for students to rewatch at any time
  • Provide virtual office hours that students can join from any location

Online Tutorials

1. Introduction to Collaborate Ultra 2. Collaborate Webinar Recording


Quick Guides

Below are some useful resources to help you get started using Collaborate Ultra. Try watching our 12 minute video overview first then try scheduling and joining a session on your own and practice with the checklist and sample session plan. More detailed guides to the different features of Collaborate are available in the Additional Resources section.

Guides for participants are available on the Blackboard website.

Accessibility Features: You can invite a guest user and allow them to caption a live session for any students who need this. Information on closed captioning features is available on the Blackboard webpage. A video demo of the captioning feature is available on the Blackboard YouTube channel.

Support Statement

Please note: Collaborate Ultra is available for teaching & learning purposes; for business conferences/calls etc. please use applications such as Microsoft Teams. The eLearning team can only provide support for using Collaborate Ultra relating to teaching. We cannot provide technical support to users during sessions so please ensure you are comfortable using it before facilitating sessions with students. We recommend using it for for supplemental sessions, additional classrooms etc. for low-stakes webinars that can be recorded if there are issues on the day; for example we do not recommend Collaborate Ultra for hosting interviews etc. where attendance is critical as there will always be a subset of participants who have connectivity issues. We cannot provide direct technical assistance with connectivity issues with personal networks or devices beyond the guidance offered on our troubleshooting guide.

Please note, we also do not recommend recording sessions of a highly sensitive/personal nature due to the remote potential that a recording link could be downloaded/shared by a participant.

Additional Resources & Troubleshooting

Below are additional resources for getting started using Blackboard Collaborate Ultra.