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Teaching Philosophy Statements

Developing a Teaching Philosophy Statement

A Teaching Philosophy Statement is a narrative that articulates your beliefs and practices as a teacher. While there is no one way to write a teaching philosophy statement, this document will provide you with a practical and self-reflective guide to the development of such a statement. It will help you articulate your beliefs about teaching and learning and offer some suggestions on possible content, structure and style.

This podcast covers the following:

What do you believe about teaching & learning?
The teaching philosophy statement as anchor and narrative
Beliefs and values and their relevance to the teaching philosophy statement
Tacit knowledge, professional judgement and connoisseurship
The teaching portfolio
The three phases of teacher identity
Professional development as a teacher
Reflection: Gibbs, Hatton & Smith
Blooms Taxonomy and verbs for higher order thinking
Successful and unsuccessful teaching philosophy Statements
Asking quality questions and free writing
Reviewing and evaluating the teaching philosophy statement: Rubrics